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Customer Testimonials

“Indeed I was very surprised and obviously pleased when I saw my LEED Green Associates exam results. But since then, I have been granted the LEED AP BD+C credential, and I am on my way to take the LEED for Homes exam next week. I am really passionate by green architecture, so it’s a real pleasure to study the LEED Reference Guides, as I learn a lot of essential things that nourish my thinking and my professional practice. I think what helped me, it’s first my sincere interest in this subject matter, also my previous experience on several green architecture projects in France (where I come from); however, there is no mystery about succeeding in the exams: I  studied a lot and regularly! Thank you for your very useful business and, in particular, for your study materials; I found your mock-up exams more difficult than the real exams, and that is great!”
Michael Hackspill, Registered Architect in New York and France, LEED AP BD+C, LEED AP Homes – Certified Passive House Designer 

“I was so pleased with your preparation course for the LEED GA v4 exam that I just wanted to pass along this message. The practice exams from you guys were spot on. Not only did the content recur on the exam but the wording was spot on. I am looking to prepare now for the LEED BD+C exam and will ABSOLUTELY use your practice exams for that.”
Vincent G. DeFazio, Architect,  LEED Green Associate

“I passed the test with a great score. I could not have done so with just the USGBC-supplied study guide and core concepts books. I have consequently referred your website to six of my co-workers who are planning to take the exam.”
J.W. Mollohan, CCPR, CEP, LEED Green Associate, Strategic Marketing Manager, Dryvit Systems, Inc.

“I passed LEED GA/LEED AP BD+C recently with 183/200 in both. I took GA exam in Sep’10 and AP exam after 3 months in Jan’11. I say thank you and recommend you to go ahead with the leader of providing services for green education – GBES.com the because course and tests were so comprehensive that I passes on 1st try without having USGBC’s Green Associate Study Guide (I only had USGBC’s LEED AP BD+C ref. guide). Once again I thanks to GBES.com for their help and prompt support.”
Niraj Mevada, Project Manager at MHPM Project Leaders, LEED AP BD+C

“I wanted to thank you for your dedication to helping those aspiring to be LEED AP’s. I started studying with another program about a month ago. I went through their study guides and practice tests. On the 22nd I did not feel comfortable with my preparation level and ordered your product. “What a difference to know what to expect. Especially to understand the difference between the Green Associate and AP tests. I crammed through those two days took all 4 versions of your tests and PASSED my LEED AP exam on the 24th. “Without your practice tests I have full confidence I would not have passed the Exam. I am sincerely thankful and only wish I had found your website earlier. I know it must have been a hard switch from v2.2 to LEED 2009 thank you for keeping up; others did not do it as gracefully.”
Adam Gray, Project Manager, LEED AP BD+C

“I thank God for leading me to your site. I did my first try for the LEED GA this morning and passed. I cant believe having scored 197. Your review material is excellent. I will avail again of your services for my LEED AP exam preparation and recommend your site to others. Millions of thanks.”
Dan Busilan,  Distribution Engineering Standards at EPCOR, LEED Green Associate

“The GBES online book that you included in your package with the test questions was perfect! I passed the Green Associate exam the first time – 91.5%! I recommended it to 3 other people, who did purchase it. They passed the Green Associate exam also the first time! I am definitely going to purchase one of the other products when I start to study for my LEED AP!”
Brenda J. Yuhas, PMP, LEED Green Associate

“The GBES products were essential in my preparation. The responsiveness and flexibility of the practice exams along with the format really provided a true view of the actual exams. I felt prepared and confident after using the Green Exam products. I passed the GA and the O+M on my first attempt!”
Bruce (Lemar) Cullum, LEED AP O+M, DAVACO Inc.

“I’d like to thank you for your supports to study to be LEED AP BD+C. I started from LEED GA with your practice exam on April,2010,passed and then passed LEED AP BD+C on November,2010, as using your LEED AP practice tests. After two times review of practice tests, I could have full confidence about real exam. So I could have passed it on first attempt for both. I highly recommend you for people who seek LEED credential.”
Mi Ja Nam, KIRA, LEED AP BD+C, Kaighn Associates Architects Inc.

“Absolutely worth the money and time to use these services. Working full time, traveling as a Project Manager completing a project and being a Father and Husband didn’t leave a lot of time for taking classes or studying. The ability to take practice tests, that I could do anywhere, got me familiar with the types of questions and the types of materials covered in the actual exam. I tried studying other literature but I guarantee that I learned more by using this program. I passed my LEED Green Associate exam the first time and completed the exam in less than half of the allotted time allowed. I would definitely use this exam prep again and recommend them to everyone.”
Eddie Dudley, LEED Green Associate, Munlake Contractors, Inc.

“Thank you GBES. Your product clearly defined and identified important material needed to pass the exam and more importantly understand LEED practices for future application. Wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to pass the first time.”
Morgan Minnis, LEED Green Associate
Bridgetowne Group, LLC

“I was hesitant to use a third-party study guide. It wasn’t until I signed up and took a practice exam that I realized how incomplete the USBGC material available at the time was. I would not have passed my first time if I hadn’t used this service. I have recommended it to several friends.”
Joe Bednar, LEED Green Associate, Student

“Green Building Education Services provided me with the tools that I needed to study for and pass the LEED Green Associate exam. Thank you for keeping up to date with the exams and providing a format that is easy to access, reasonably priced, and relevant.”
India Griffin, LEED Green Associate, LAWA

“GBES was very helpful on my exam review. They are easy to comprehend and direct you to each area of the reference guide. I wouldn’t have passed my GA without it. I am using it now for my O&M review. More power GEP!”
Robina Wright, LEED Green Associate, Architect

“Green Building Education Services’ products gave me not only the educational information needed to pass, but a forum to practice the exam in order to be adequately prepared. I would highly recommend the products to anyone looking to take any of the LEED exams.”
Mike McCarthy, LEED Green Associate
RMF Engineering, Inc.

“This is a great product, and can’t be beat for the price. I was well prepared for the exam, and couldn’t have passed the LEED Green Associate exam without it. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to pass the LEED exams on the first try. Thanks!”
Greg Nollkamper, LEED Green Associate, Southerland

“Recently passed the LEED Green Associate exam the 1st time around with a 191!!! I used the practice exams and answers to create customized flash cards as review tools. Thank you “GBES” for your resources!”
Keith Mitcheltree, LEED Green Associate
Rovic Inc.

“Green building education services definitely made the difference in whether or not I was going to pass the Green Associates Test. They covered the concepts of the LEED program very well and gave me a complete picture of green building so that I wasn’t just memorizing the words but understanding them. I would and have recommended the online exam prep to anyone who is preparing to take the Green Associate test. As a mother of two and a business owner this was the only program that would work for my schedule at a price that was reasonable. The real proof to me that the online study guide, practice tests and flashcards all paid off was when I passed the test the first time. Now on to the LEED AP!!!”
Shannon Johnson, LEED Green Associate, R&S Glazing Specialties, Inc.

“What you need, when you need it, at an unbeatable value. I highly recommend GBES.”
Richard Morse, LEED AP BD+C
DTC, Inc

“I just took LEED Green Associates exam on Saturday and I passed with very high score. This was my first attempt. Thanks to you guys. I only studied your materials and I passed with 190 out of 200 score. Thank you.”
Sun Hyun Chang, NCIDQ #025195, LEED Green Associates, Westwood College-LA / FIDM Faculty, Total Interior Design

“Out of all the materials I had, I felt Green Building Education Services is on par with the real exam.”
Christopher C. Evans, LEED Green Associate, DSI Design + Construction

“The real crux is the practice exam. Excellent!”
Kalimuthu Pandian, LEED AP BD+C

“It was most helpful! From Jason my facilitator to all the practice exams, it was a great set-up for the exam. I passed on my first try!”
Michael P Jokela, LEED Green Associate, Hewitt Associates

“Green Building Education Services’ computer simulated LEED Green Associate practice exams provided content and format as close to the actual exam as can be imagined. The practice exam was a substantial reason why I passed the LEED Green Associate exam.”
Brian Solis, LEED Green Associate, City of Virginia Beach

“The course was very helpful in preparation for testing. The instructor was clear and well- prepared.”
Michael McNeal, LEED AP BD+C
McNeal Consulting

“Great product. With taking the practice exams on a regular basis before the test, I was able to pass the test on the first attempt. ”
Heath Hamblen, LEED Green Associate, Universal Refrigeration

“Green Building Education Services’ practice exams were an essential tool in my preparation for the LEED Green Associate and AP Operations & Maintenance exams. I have recommended the practice exams tool to peers and will utilize them again should I pursue additional certification. ”
Leslie E. Knowles, LEED AP O+M Senior Property Manager, Boston Properties

“GBES is a great avenue to study for the exams. It has helped me greatly in my path for attaining LEED AP. The testing options are close to the actual exam.”
Grant Schaffer, LEED AP BD+C

“Passed first try on the GA exam and know that I could not have done so without taking your GA online class.”
Kevin Myers, LEED Green Associate, Schneider Electric

“I passed the LEED Green Associate in my first attempt. I scored 189 (passing score 170). I would not able to get that score without your help. ”
Morella Sanchez-King, LEED Green Associate, GSIPT

“Your test prep was on the money. I would not have passed the G.A. exam without it.”
Stephen C McCabe, LEED Green Associate, Boston Properties

“The “online-anytime” LEED Green Associate course was ideal for my availability and travel schedule. It provided the key information and proper level of focus to pass the exam and also to learn about the LEED process.
In addition, the testing as you go process was well designed. Compared to other providers, the price was very reasonable and I easily passed on my first attempt.”
Alan Spaite, LEED Green Associate, Independent Consultant

“I participated in the Green Build Exam Prep Course for two hours every Monday evening for four weeks in a row and was very prepared when I took the Green Associate Exam. I scored 186 the first time I took the Exam and was finished with the test in 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is a great foundation and introduction to Green Building and additional courses in the future.”
Tracy Riddle, LEED Green Associate, Tandus Carpet Mills

“FANTASTIC! The material was presented in three different formats – audio, video and workbook format, to help learn the material. The test formats were EXACTLY like the real test! Highly recommend this course to anyone that doesn’t want to take the Green Associate exam multiple times to pass!”
Mark Fennell, LEED Green Associate
Johnson Controls

“Having the Study Guide and Flash cards were a great help in preparing me for the test. The practice tests were very helpful in identifying my weak areas. It allowed me to focus on that particular subject which increased my practice score. Also the reference to other materials was a must in passing the LEED test on my first attempt.”
David A. Roux, LEED Green Associate, Johnson Controls, Inc.

“The company i work for took me to a 5 day course that cost over $1,500 with a LEED AP teacher to help us prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam, following that I found your web page and decided to purchase the $50 package on my own as back up for the test preparation. When I took the test, it took me only 55 min and passed on 1st try; I felt as if I would have passed it with just your $50 material alone. I learned more from the web material then from the 5 day – $1,500 course with a LEED AP teacher. Thank you very much for the help. I have recommended your services to all my co-workers.”
Esteban Aristizabal, LEED Green Associate, Hyder Consulting Middle East

“Thank you GBES! The ONLY material I used to pass the LEED Green Associate exam.”
Eugene Adams, LEED Green Associate

“This product was exactly what I was looking for. The MP3s made it easy for me to study while I was on the go and the practice exams were very similar to the format of the actual exam. I was well prepared and able to pass the LEED Green Associate exam thanks to the GBES materials.”
Mike Kohn, LEED Green Associate, SmithGroup

“I wouldn’t have passed the LEED Green Associate exam without Green Building’s exam prep materials!”
Gail Goldstead, LEED Green Associate

“I would highly recommend Green Building Education Services to anyone who needs to study for the LEED exam. I found the online test format very helpful in preparing me for the real life computer exam.”
Jayme Mattson, LEED Green Associate, Grey Lundberg, Inc.

“The online practice test is the best tool for exam preparation.”
Eugenia Preda, LEED Green Associate

“The best guide for LEED exam preparation so far. ”
Srinivasan K., LEED Green Associate, Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

“This LEED Exam prep is very helpful and definitely needed if you are going to take the LEED Green Associate exams. A must. Thumbs up.”
Ronald Campos, LEED Green Associate

“I was a beta exam candidate for the LEED Green Associate exam and failed the exam by one point. After purchasing the reference material and taking the practice exams, I passed the exam with a score of 186/200! I believe that the practice exams from GBES helped the most.”
Tim Zelazny, LEED Green Associate
Levi + Wong Design Associates

“I would recommend the study materials provided by Green Building Education Services to anyone studying for the exams. The materials are easy to use and understandable, the audio portion of the materials enhances your ability to recall the material and during study review.”
Terry G. Harris, LEED Green Associate
Southwestern Michigan College

“Very informative and well presented. If I decide to continue and go for a LEED AP, I shall take your classes for that.”
Carl Byrd, LEED Green Associate
Smith Commercial Contracting

“My company did not provide any classroom training or instruction. I would not have passed without the Green Building Education Services materials.”
Paul Polvinale, LEED Green Associate
Johnson Controls, Inc.

“The Practice Exams are as close to the real exam as you can get. Take the practice exams and read the material and PASS. Easy.”
Michael Pitts, LEED Green Associate

“The testing done by the GBCI is worded and deigned to trick the test taker, these practice tests allowed me understand how the wording would be done.”
Pam Musso, LEED Green Associate
Western Paper Distributors

“Passed first try on the GA exam and know that I could not have done so without taking your GA online class.”
Kevin Myers, LEED Green Associate
Schneider Electric

“With the guide books, online practice tests, and online support from the Green Building Education Services web site, I was able to pass the LEED Green Associate exam the first time. Many thanks to all of you: I would strongly encourage and recommend that anyone interested in taking these exams arm yourself with the Green Building Education Services Product’s.”
Brian DuBois, Boston Carpenters Apprenticeship & Training Fund

“Thanks for all your help and for all the work you put into your study materials and the practice Exams. It was the key on helping me prepare and pass the LEED Green Associate and BD+C Exams.”
Rashid Nori, LEED AP BD+C
Anil Verma Associates, Inc

“The Practice Exams are great tools, especially being able to get the write-up on the right answers to the questions I missed. I would not have passed without this product.”
Stephen Dell, President, LEED Green Associate
SMD, Inc

“I don’t believe I would have passed if I hadn’t used your study guide, practice tests and flash cards. Thanks!”
Rebecca Evans, LEED Green Associate

“I would recommend to anyone preparing for an exam to purchase the study materials by Green Building Sducation Services, especially the practice exams. ”
Jared Thompson, LEED Green Associate
Blake Real Estate

“I am currently studying for the LEED Green Associate and AP exams and your products are a valuable asset to passing the exam. The flashcards are the best for memorizing the content and the practice exams are extremely beneficial.”
Donna Singer, LEED Green Associate
Marx|Okubo Associates

“Your product works!!!”
Carl Jay Hampton, LEED Green Associate
Velocity Construction

“The study guide is certainly recommended. Follow the instructions exactly!”
Daniel B. Rice, LEED Green Associate
Johnson Controls

“I thought the practice quizzes were fantastic!”
Nancy Wendling, LEED Green Associate, Johnson Controls

“Great format, easy to understand and follow along. Presenter is knowledgeable and well-paced. I highly recommend it!”
Kate Fritz, The M-NCPPC

“The on-line practice tests are an excellent way to prepare for the real exam. Taking the tests helped me see where my knowledge was weak so helped my target my studies. The flash cards were also very helpful with being able to get a few minutes of review when I didn’t have much time. I also went through them “one more time” before I took the real test. That was a great refresher!”
Jeannie Rueter, LEED Green Associate, Ausonio, Inc.

“Marvelous in-depth explanation and special coaching on the subject of green building.”
Ahmad Khan, LEED Green Associate
Safety & Quality Manager

“Overall, your product was well designed, and very helpful.”
Jack Resinger, LEED Green Associate, Johnson Controls

“The webex training was very beneficial. It gave a good overview of what to expect for the exam.”
Lorna Green, LEED Green Associate, Weston Solutions

“I think the program is great and does a good job of preparing one for the LEED exam. The practice tests were the greatest.”
Judy C. Alleyne, LEED Green Associate, Noble Strategy, LLC

“I highly recommend the online classes. They help tremendously and prepare you for what to expect on the exams. ”
Kelly O’Neal, LEED Green Associate, Holder Construction Company

“This material is gem for any newbie who want to study about the green building.”
Ashraf Nawaz Qureshi, LEED Green Associate, Saudi Binladin Group

“I felt the site contained all the info and was very comprehensive.”
Jean LeGrys, LEED Green Associate, The Continental Group, Inc


“Knowledge of the instructors was great and helpful. There were a lot of case studies used as examples which helped in understanding the material taught in the course. The Flash Cards and Pre-tests are great and help with preparation for the course. Great Job.”
Patricia Littleton, LEED Green Associate, Paragon Business Solutions

“Very good value for all items available to study.”
Bonnie Gerard, LEED Green Associate, Department of Buildings

“The practice exams, above all were exceedingly helpful. Being able to track progress and get detailed explanations for wrong answers while taking them allowed me to track my own progress and let me know what I still needed to work on.”
Roman Ostrovskiy, LEED Green Associate

“Easy to use easy to access and provides all the information needed to pass exam. Practice test are extremely helpful.”
Bill Atkinson, LEED Green Associate, Maryland Department of Planning

“The practice tests were extremely helpful to learn how to approach the questions on the Green Associate exam.”
Michael Chang, LEED Green Associate, Greener Dawn

“Thank you for answering 99% of the questions I had regarding the practice tests.”
Eva Finkelstein, LEED Green Associate

“The study guide was very helpful for me, since English is not my first language. All the terms were really easy to understand.”
Fernando Sotelo, LEED Green Associate, Trane

“It was a superb tool. Will definitely recommend.”
Leslie Soto, LEED Green Associate, Jones Lang LaSalle

“The bad news is: I didn’t have time for a cram review with the online video. The good news: I scored 185 on my exam, anyway! Please know that there is no way that I could have met this challenge without the help of your products. I am pleased with the results and remain grateful to the GBES staff members for their responsive technical support and generosity in extending my license.”
John L. Bondarchuk, CPE, LEED AP
Douglassville, PA
Construction Manager
STV Construction, Inc.

“I just wanted to tell you thanks. Your testing set up was instrumental on my passing the LEED AP exam with 190 out of 200. The questions followed by explanation of answers was the key. Hope you continue to do it for the new LEEDs testing. ”
Bob Congdon aka Builder Bob
The Home Co., LLC

“I passed. Thanks again for the extension of the use of the sample tests. And thank you again for your help and products. They were very helpful. Even though they were not the exact questions from the test, they taught me to examine the way questions were worded and the general content of the material that I needed to study.”
Geoffrey Keehn
South Euclid OH

“I wanted to thank you for providing this service. This service was instrumental in me passing the LEED exam on Tuesday. I really appreciate what you guys do. Thanks again.”
Jeramie Rittiluechai
Dallas, Texas
Jeramie Rittiluechai Architecture

“Our first employee passed his LEED AP exam v2.2 with flying colors!! Thanks to your organized and helpful training services.”
Jeff Emmel
Fort Collins, CO
Creative Enhancements

“I just wanted to say that your LEED example practice tests are amazing. I had studied all of the LEED NC v2.2 credits and requirements and had memorized them by heart and knew them forward and backwards. Your practice tests really reinforced the knowledge that I had and gave me the correct preparation to answer the LEED subjects in question format. Without your tests I wouldn’t have been able to pass the test. I got an 182!! Thanks!!”
Morais C. Miranda, RCDD, LEED AP
New York, NY

“I just wanted to let you know that your test product was completely invaluable to my studying for the LEED-CI before it phased out. I took my time to study but your tests had information that the book didn’t have and I wasn’t aware of. I would highly recommend your product to all my colleagues for the new change in LEED as well as I am sure you will still have a quality product. I passed with a 185!”
Karla M. Wilson, IIDA
Karla Wilson Interior Design

“Just got back from celebrating with my family over passing this leedle exam for the LEED AP. Thanks for your help.”
Matthew J. DeVries
Nashville, TN
Smith Cashion & Orr, PLC

“I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know your practice exams really helped me with taking the LEED test. I took the exam on Friday and scored a 191 out of 200 points! It seemed like every time I took a new test from your website there would be new topics such that I was getting a score of approximately 70%. Since you stated a score of 80% was what we should be shooting for I was getting somewhat worried if I would pass. However your explanations of why answers were incorrect provided new knowledge which helped me when I took the actual test.”
Thanks again.
Tom Prost, P.E., LEED AP
St. Louis, MO
Poehlman & Prost, Inc.

“I just took the LEED AP exam (New Construction) and passed with a score of 194 / 200 ! I credit the practice tests from Green Building Education Services with much of my success. The tests helped me gain the knowledge necessary to pass the test. They also helped my understand the kinds of “trick” questions for which the LEED AP exam is known. The immediate feedback with correct information for incorrect answers was very beneficial. After several rounds of practice, I felt confident of success when I took the real test. I’ll look to GBES the next time I am faced with this kind of challenge.”
Michael C. Ronayne, P.E., LEED AP
Louisville, Kentucky
Vice-President, Senior Engineer
GEM Engineering, Inc.

“Just wanted you to know that I took the test today and passed with a score of 185 on my first attempt. The computer based exam questions and number of practice tests played a great role in understanding the concepts and in my passing!! Thank you for this creative approach.”
Hemant Patel
Piscataway NJ
Telcordia Technologies

“I just passed the LEED CI exam with a score of 189. I couldn’t have done it without your practice exams. The insight I received into the nuances of the actual exam and the benefit of your explanations on the exam reviews was priceless. I recommend your service to everyone!”
P. J. Warren, SDA, LEED AP
Office Manager

“Just wanted you to know that your online courses and practice exams were excellent!! I passed the test on the first try and I could not have done it without them! Thanks for putting out such a great product!”
Deborah Mazzullo
Stevensville, MD

“Just wanted to Thank You for your Service. I successfully passed the LEED Test on the 2nd Time (missed the first time by 1 pt.) after completing your Practice Quizzes. Thank You for your Service and Customer Support, which extended my membership so I could continue studying after my initial membership, had expired.”
Richard Marquez, LEED AP
Miami, Florida
Project Manager
L&R Structural Corp.

“I contacted customer service on Thursday of last week asking about my account that expired on Friday, June 26th. A gentleman in customer service was kind enough to give me another 5 days of practice exam time. I wanted to pass along that I took the test on Saturday, June 27th and passed! Thank you for the practice tests. Yes they are very much like the real exam. Thank you so much for creating these practice tests. ”
Ms. Jonna L. Temmen, LEED AP
Springfield, Illinois
Wiley Office Furniture

“I am so happy to inform you that today I have passed LEED AP NC test!! I know for sure that it could not have been at all possible without your practice test. I only did the practice test and that is it. Just reading the reference guide did not help me but to send me to sleep. As soon as I started the test practice, everything changed dramatically!! I was actually following the book and found it was actually very interesting. I also would like to thank you for your generosity to extend the practice period for over a month!! Could not pass the exam for the first time without it!”
Many many thanks!
Kozue Ozaki
Tokyo, Japan
Compliance/Corporate Office
Hypo Real Estate Capital

“Just wanted to thank you for your help. I would have never passed without taking the sample tests. Thank you again.”
Brian Kenney
Senior Project Estimator
Welliver-McGuire Inc.
Montour Falls, NY

“The practice exams are great keep them coming for the next exam. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know.”
Very Happy Customer

“I passed my LEED NC AP test yeterday!! And I wanted to send a short note to say thank you so much for preparing me so well. The GBES practice tests were an excellent way to prepare. They were informative, educational and much harder than the actual test – a good thing! I really appreciate your efforts and assistance. Thanks again!”
Thanks much!
Amy Hayes
Santa Monica CA

“I wanted to take a moment to contact you about your study aid for the GBC’s LEED exam. I bought your product for the version 2.2 exam. I had taken and failed the exam twice before I bought your on-line study aid. My first two attempts were made by using the conventional method of studying. I did increase my knowledge of LEED but not enough to pass. But after I bought your on-line study aid, it made all the difference for me. Not only did I pass on the third attempt, I passed by 10% over the minimum points required. If it wasn’t for your product, I would have continued to struggle through the learning process and possibly failed again. I only wish that I had know about your product after my first failure. You have a tremendous product and I highly recommended it. Thank you for everything.”
Best Regards,
Lucas C. McGrail, Associate AIA, LEED AP
Livonia MI

“I want to thank you for making it possible for me to actually do what your Logo states (Pass the First Time). I decided that I wanted to become a LEED AP. I actually had no idea what that might entail. My background is in construction. I have no engineering or architectural background. I took a one day class that was supposed to prep me for the LEED AP exam. It was a waste of $500 and the day. The food wasn’t any good either. I bought a $125 book that was pretty much the same story. I looked at everything I could find. I stumbled onto Green Building Education Service on line and decided to blow the $50 and give it a try. Knowing what I know now I would have gladly spent the $700 or so on all the other things on your program and been a lot better off. You offer a great product, actually the only product I have found that could have made it possible for (even) me to pass the LEED AP test on the first try!”
Thank You All So Much!
Paul Wellman – LEED AP
WellMan Enterprises

“I passed!!! Yesterday morning with a 185. Thank you so much for your great study materials. They were hands down the most helpful resources I purchased. I’ve continued to recommend them to everyone still working to make the cut before the 30th.”

“I took the LEED exam this afternoon and finished in about an hour and a half and made a 188. I don’t think I could have scored this well without your on-line exams. Even after getting my on-line scores into the upper 80s and 90s it was still a very difficult test. Since I had not taken a test in over 25 years it was great to get me back into that “mode” before sitting in that room, nervous as heck. Thanks guys. You rock. ”
William T. Eubanks, FASLA, CNU
Studio Director
Urban Edge Studio
Mount Pleasant, SC

“I passed thanks to you guys!”
Robina R. Wright
Assoc. AIA, LEED G.A.
Fresno, CA

“Just wanted to pass on that note of thanks and let you know that your service helped me pass the exam! Your service was recommended to me by my colleagues and I will certainly recommend it to others who are seeking to take the next version, LEED 2009.”
Greg Shipley
Arlington VA

“I did it – I passed. I must thank you for helping me to pass the exam. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
David Arbaiza
Bartos Industries
Dallas, TX

“Your on-line exams were the final step for me in passing the LEED-CI, which many folks say is actually the more difficult of the various USGBC “products” in terms of content. Thank you for a “just-in-time” rescue that helped me navigate the tricky questions on the exam. Having the time to practice intensively and see improvements over the course of five days earned me just enough points to pass on this final attempt. Other colleagues also used your exams to pass LEED NC — so thank you for offering such great professional resources. ”
Mary A. D. Petrino, ASID, LEED AP
Senior Interior Designer
GRUZEN SAMTON LLP Architects | Planners | Interior Designers
Alexandria VA

“Thank you so much for such speedy response. Hey I know for a fact that it’d be a Sunday night for you out there in Lewisville, TX But the fact that a) your site’s auto response wordings were so reassuring and not a typical one gets and b) your response came in just about four hours afterwards. Makes me just say – WOW….TRUELY DEDICATED & WONDERFUL CUSTOMER CARE !! Thank you from bottom of my heart for resolving this for me. Truly appreciate it. God bless ya’all ! ”
Capt. Sajit

“I recently signed up for your LEED-NC Practice Exams. They were a great tool which has helped me to pass the exam. THANK YOU!”
Lisa Seib
Nolte Associates, Inc
Lakewood CO

“I couldn’t have passed the exam without your intensive testing. I discovered your website quite by accident 24 hours before my exam. I got through A, B and most of test C in the limited time I had. I scored a 188 on the exam.”
Thank, you GEP!!!!!!!
George M. Schevon, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Studio 4 Architecture
Berkeley, CA

“I passed the exam yesterday! I found that the actual exam questions closely resembled GEP’s exams so I am so thankful I was able to review them again. Thank you so much!!”
Michelle Lancaster

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Dulce Torres

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Nancy Bastian RA, LEED AP
cecil baker + partners

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David Stutzman, AIA, CSI, CCS, SCIP, LEED AP
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Your practice tests are right on the money.
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Bill McNearney

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Tanis A. Manseau, PE, CBO,CEM, LEED AP

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Joe Chiasson
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Daniel Valcourt, LEED AP
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Alan Neely, LEED AP, Pittsburgh Corning

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T V Padmanabhan

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Kimberly Bolt, IIDA, RID, LEED AP

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Robin Sussillo

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Jennifer Taylor Birks, LEED AP, Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani

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Michael Saito, AIA, LEED AP, ORB Architects

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Robert Usdin, Showman Fabricators, Inc.

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Jon (Old Guy)-Palo Pinto, Texas.

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Brett DeSantis

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Michael S. Lugo-Thompson LEED AP, Barnhart, Inc.

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Janet, Dallas, Texas

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Ryan K., Burns & McDonnell

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Jessica R., San Francisco Planning Department

I could not have passed the LEED-AP test without the GBES on-line test. The test were great simulators and helped me so much. I would take the practice test and then print the questions I got wrong and review them in the book. The prep test helped to show my weaknesses and let me know what I needed to study more of prior to the test. Your questions are very tricky just like the real questions so it was very helpful to have prepared myself for that type of question. Thanks again for helping me pass on my first try and I have told everyone about you!!!
Brandie S., The Brick Industry Association

I am in the Communications Industry, so the LEED-NC was all new to me. I also Project Manage, so receiving my LEED AP was very important to me and my company. I can honestly say that if I had not taken the practice exams offered by Green Building Education Services, I would not have passed. It bettered prepared me for the type of questions, wording of questions, and the test format.
Heather C., Schmidt Consulting Group

I have no doubt that the materials presented in this product was very instrumental in my passing the LEED exam(first time). The explanation of the answers whether right or wrong made all the difference to me. I had some materials presented by our company during our training sessions but there was no explanation as to why the answers were incorrect. So, I do credit this program with getting me prepared with the right information and in a very realistic format as the actual test. I have already informed others of this information(after I passed my exam of course!). I will state that while taking all of the study groups of questions, the comment of making at least 80% had me worried going into the LEED exam because I never scored higher than 60%, but I still passed. But without those test questions and the flash cards…no way would I have passed. Thanks.
Michael L., The Lathrop Co

The online practice exams were so helpful! They really gave me a good idea of what the test would be like. I don’t think I would have passed the LEED AP exam if I had not used this website!
Ainsley T., Louisiana State University

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Leticia F., SWBR Architects

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Gregory Falco, Student, Cornell

The computer-based exam questions played a major factor in my success on passing with a LEED score of 189 on my 1st attempt. Computer-based questions provide an opportunity to get comfortable with the testing “pace” and gave me confidence to go into the test knowing that time was not going to be an issue.
Vinnie M., Charles Perry Construction, Inc.

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Bryan G., EMCOR Service

I know this makes me sound like the dullest tool in the shed. But I took the LEED EB V2.0 twice and missed both times by two points. After using your products I passed. that was all I asked. By the way I have a college degree, decades of experience in HVAC and studied my *** off.
Richard G.

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Melanie H., Holden Design Group

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Brian M., Hunt Construction Group

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Josh H., Gryphon Construction, LLC.

I refer your website to everyone I know who is planning on taking the test. It was extremely helpful! Thank you!
Amy F., RTA Architects.com

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Eduardo A., Lebolo Construction Management

The online tests are great. I was shocked at how close to the exam it really was. When I was practicing I thought some of the questions were crazy, turns out I was wrong and I was well prepared.
Jennifer H., Shapiro Architects

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Blair R., SBER

I have recommended your test prep to at least a dozen LEEP AP trainees. Excellent design, particularly the one that provides the answers and a description of why other alternatives are not correct answers.
Kevin M., Federal Practice Group

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James F., Honeywell

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Paul P., Honeywell

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Tennece L., Walsh Construction

Using the practice tests was the most helpful method of studying for me. The detailed answer key directing where the answer can be found helped me review the relevant material without getting bogged down in the extraneous information. The tests helped me make my study time extremely efficient.
Lori T., Element National Management

Your flash cards were a Godsend. They go over Exactly what you need to pass the test. – The first time. I only has 2 weeks to study and I passed on the first try with a 193! The online practice tests were hard. I think I did better on the real exam – that is what you need.
Ann J., Heat Transfer Solutions

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Rick K., KCI Technologies

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John D., Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

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Miles J., Skanska

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Mark S., Da-Lite Screen Company

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Keith C., Worn Jerabek Architects

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Kathy C., Nalco

The LEED NC exam prep on-line practice exams were vastly helpful in alleviating some of my testing anxiety. I really felt like I knew what to expect because of the practice exams, and my expectations were confirmed when I sat down to take the real exam.
Edie S., U+B Architecture and Design, Inc.

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Alan E.

I thought the mock exams were a key base of my preparation.
Bob R., E M Harris Construction

Great format. I especially liked to be able to choose between “correct answers at end of the test” and “correct answers with explanations immediately following each question. The explanations were excellent and references to the USGBC manual were especially helpful.
Aileen R.

I have already recommended this website to all my colleagues and coworkers. I found the practice exams and the explanations very valuable tools in studying for the exam. I wish I had found out about your website sooner!
Kathleen D., Bowman Consulting, Ltd.

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Tony S., Johnson Controls, Inc.

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Brianna D., Absher Construction Company

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Ryan H, RRMM Architects

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Vinnie DB., Jones Lang LaSalle

Michael G., Thisman Speyer

Thank you for the sample tests and explanations… its a world of difference!
Sharon J., Wilson Miller,Inc.

Extremely Helpful tools. I felt confident going into the test and passed with a 183 on the first try!
Stephanie D., MSU CMID

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Your tests were really up to the mark and questions were quite similar….I passed my LEED NC exam in very first attempt…and GBES definitely helped a lot…Thanks..
Shrikant S., Purdue University

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George R., Rudolph and Sletten

For me, these practice exams were indispensable. They are an excellent product.
Benjamin Y.

Great course. I thought that I could master the material by just studying the LEED Reference Guide-NC, but the practice exam opened my eyes to the reality that there is no factoid in the Reference Guide too obscure to put on the exam. The flash cards were a big help in learning the standards.
John M., DLA Piper LLP

“Passed yesterday with 182 score. Your program was an essential aid in my preparation. Thank you very much.”
Jeffrey, Honolulu, Hawaii

“I passed! I thought your materials were exceptional in gaining a thorough understanding of the Reference Manual and other documentation. I really feel qualified to use the manual on a real project now effectively, through the rigors of your sample tests. So THANK YOU!”
Vadim, Santa Barbara, California

“I passed the LEED-NC AP exam this week with a 193/200.”
Dennis McCarthy, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service

“Just wanted you to know that your system worked so well that I just passed my LEED AP test on the first try after using your program for only 6 weeks! Could not have done it without you. Thanks.”
Dave, Aspen, Colorado

“Thanks. The practice test was a huge help and I have recommended it to many people.”
Duane A. Madere, Lennox, Ind.

“I would highly recommend these tests. They were very beneficial and matched the true exam quite accurately.”
Tim, Baltimore, Maryland

“I just want to thanks all people behind this great website, I passed the real exam with 182 points the FIRST TIME.”
Wassim Al Azzeh, Khatib & Alami, Dubai, UAE

“A little note to say thank you. I appreciated your prep test I believe it really helped.”
Keith Glasby, Texas

“I purchased your practice exam last week to prepare to take the LEED NC exam on Friday (8/8). Everything went great, and I passed the test with no problems.”
Ryan Barrett, DMJM H&N, Inc.

“Your products are well researched and very appropriate to the exam. I am recommending them to others. It is a difficult exam.”
Rick, Hunt Valley, MD

“I passed yesterday with a 187. I recommended your site to several other people.”
Timothy, Rochester, NY

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James, Jersey City, New Jersey

“GBES.com’s sample exams are the most true to the actual LEED AP exams that I have seen. Master these tests and you are sure to raise your chances of passing.”
Pat, Green Exam Academy

“I scored 80% (Pool A), 79% (Pool B), 79% (Pool C) and 80% (Pool D) on the LEED Test Prep exams. Wound up with a 195 [on the actual exam].”
Jocelyn, San Marcos, California

“I highly recommend the 4 exams on LEED Test Prep” (Passed with 182)
Jordan – Brooklyn, NY

“I tried studying exclusively from the LEED Reference Guide, but one week ago I became very worried about how much detail the exam questions would go into. I took each of these tests twice in the last week which helped me focus my studying. I passed the test today with a score of 191! Thank you!”
Scott, Tallahassee, Florida

“Today i passed the exam for LEED accreditation, the LEED Test Prep exams were an invaluable part of my study regimen.”
Katharine, Underhill, Vermont

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Hunter, Nashville, Tennessee

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Anna, Denver, Colorado

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Nathan, Columbia, South Carolina

“I finally passed the exam. I took the LEED Test Prep online exams and that really help me prepare for the real one.”
Helen, Hartford, Connecticut

“I have already taken 2 of the practice tests, and am feeling more and more comfortable with the prospect of taking my “real” exam in 5 days.”
Denise, Austin, TX

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Michael, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Charlie, Atlanta, GA

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Rick, Schenectady, New York

“I LOVE flashcards because they travel so well. I can pull these out and review them at numerous points during my day.”
Denise, Austin, TX

Corporate Client Testimonials

Green Building Education Services serves a wide variety of corporate clients in varying industries. To contact us for special corporate discounts, please email cu**********@gb**.com.

CBRE, Inc selected Green Building Education Services (GBES) as its LEED training provider, utilizing the GBES online solution to provide GBES’s #1-selling LEED training to CBRE employees around the world.
“Over 40 of our project managers have passed the LEED AP test this year. Every one of them used the GBES tests as an accurate benchmark of preparation. Students who did not excel on these tests were held back, while invariably those who succeeded on the GBES tests went on to pass their LEED accredition exam.”

Alex Sinunu, LEED AP
Project Manager
Pankow Special Projects, L.P.

“Jones Lang LaSalle passed another great milestone in expanding our position as the number one real estate firm in energy and sustainability. Our firm now employs well over 500 sustainability LEED accredited professionals, surpassing our global goal six months early, with more than 100 Jones Lang LaSalle professionals passing the test in recent weeks. One key factor of this success is the commitment of leaders throughout the company in encouraging sustainability-minded employees to pursue accreditation through Green Building Education Services and use of their exam preparation tools. With the excellent product and service we receive from Green Building Education Services, we surpassed our goal.”

Doug Ballon LEED AP
Vice President, Learning and Development
Energy & Sustainability Services
Jones Lang LaSalle

“SHW is an educational architecture and design firm with a strong commitment to delivering high-quality sustainable design. We believe educating our professionals, through a focused initiative such as LEED, further supports our efforts when advising and implementing sustainable design solutions for the clients we serve. To assist our associates in successfully passing the LEED examination and understanding the strategies involved with the LEED rating system, we developed a very successful in-house training program. In one year, the number of LEED-accredited professionals in our office has increased from 14 percent to nearly 50 percent since our firm’s implementation of the program. SHW believes one of the key components in our training strategy is to offer our employees access to the online simulation tests developed by Green Building Education Services. Through positive feedback from our associates, including my own personal experience, the simulations tests have help prepare us for the real examination. Thank you Green Building Education Services. We look forward to your LEED for 2009 rollout.”

Deah Dority, LEED AP
Studio Coordinator
SHW Group

“48 of the 53 Walsh candidates who used your online LEED NC 2.2 practice exams passed their test, resulting in a success rate of 91 per cent. GBES exams are an essential part of WCC’s LEED AP training program. Our people have found that by using your product, they know with certainty when they are ready to take the exam. These exams provide the added advantage of being an excellent teaching tool because they explain both the correct and incorrect answers to the questions.”

Chuck Halling
QA Manager/Sustainability Manager
Walsh Construction Co

“From what I have gathered from both AP exam passers and failers, the practice tests offered by GBES helped more than anything. The reason being that it helped prepare them for the format of the test. Our colleagues seem to understand LEED concepts, content and application just fine, but the testing format seems throw a lot people for a loop.”

Seth Teel
Sustainable Design Analyst

“W. E. O’Neil has had 10 employees pass the LEED accreditation exam since we started using GBES practice tests, and our employees all say the same thing – the practice tests are the single most effective tool they had in preparing for and passing the exam.”

Patrick J McGowan
Vice President
W. E. O’Neil Construction

“Missouri State University students and local contractors who have taken my short LEED-AP preparatory courses have commented that they benefitted tremendously from the rigorous online practice exams provided by Green Building Education Services. Since 90% of these students passed the exam the first time, I know the practice exams were highly beneficial.”

Richard Bruce, PhD, LEED-AP
Department of Technology & Construction Management
Missouri State University

Experiencing Success As a LEED Professional

By Pam Mendez – a GBES customer who has been able to archive success with the help of LEED accreditations

In May 2011, I graduated from Farmingdale State College with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Prior to graduation, I was an intern at a consulting engineering firm. I was confident that through my internship I would be offered a fulltime position upon graduating, but unfortunately I was not.

That’s when I realized I needed to differentiate myself from other recent graduates.

As an intern, I learned about LEED and I decided there was no better time to take the LEED Green Associate exam. With this new accreditation added to my resume I began applying to engineering and construction management firms.

Four months after graduating I received an offer for a position at WSP, a global consulting engineering firm. And I’d like to think the offer was thanks to my newly earned LEED credential.

In my role, I work with all of the various LEED rating systems, and I realized it would be beneficial to pursue the next level of accreditation, the LEED AP with specialty. I am now accredited as a LEED AP in Interior Design and Construction.

My work with LEED involves managing the project team and the entire LEED process, from the project’s initial registration through the certification process. I am responsible for ensuring:

  • the sustainable design requirements are incorporated into the design phase
  • the various green elements are actually carried into the construction phase
  • the finished building meets all of the green design elements

I am also responsible for coordinating LEED project meetings, providing LEED reports to keep the team updated and on-track, completing calculations, and reviewing project documentation and submittals for LEED requirements.

I currently manage over 20 LEED projects, and in my time at WSP I have successfully certified four projects, which have met or exceeded certification goals. I have also had the opportunity to work as the LEED administrator for some of our top clients, such as North Shore LIJ, Yale and Long Island Power Authority.

Through LEED, I have furthered my knowledge of building design and construction. I have learned several sustainable strategies such as selecting water efficient fixtures, installing products that promote indoor environmental quality and the importance of designing HVAC systems which not only save energy, but enhance occupant comfort.


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