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Interior designers and builders are often tasked with outfitting units within a larger building over which they have no control. LEED for Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) recognizes the need for commercial spaces in the retail and hospitality industries to positively impact the environment and their occupants.  For hospitality, this includes short-term lodging with or without food on premises.  ID+C for retail extends beyond customer-facing showrooms and includes storage and product preparation spaces.  LEED ID+C can also be applied to other commercial interiors.

LEED ID+C is both a rating system and a professional credential.  The rating system is used to LEED certify these commercial spaces.  LEED AP ID+C is a specialty credential signifying technical knowledge of the design and construction of environmentally conscious commercial interiors. The accreditation is designed to prepare professionals to be active members of project teams certifying the physical space.

Who is LEED AP ID+C for & How Do I Earn It?

As the name implies, ID+C is for professionals who work closely with building interiors.  This credential tends to be a great first step into the sustainable interiors and broader green building fields because of typically smaller scopes and more approachable project sizes.  Common career paths benefiting from taking the LEED ID+C exam include:

  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Construction Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Property Managers (sometimes property managers might prefer to start or hold AP credentials pertaining to the larger structure, such as LEED AP O+M)
  • Subcontractors (finish materials such as carpets, adhesives, cabinets & storage, lighting, etc.)

Ready to stand out among your peers and competitors while growing your hands-on experience in sustainable interior design? The LEED AP ID+C credential is earned by passing a 100 question, highly technical two-hour exam at Prometric testing facilities.  The LEED Green Associate exam is a prerequisite for taking the exam, although it is possible (but not necessarily advisable) to take both exams together.

Since 2007, over 130,000 professionals have used our exam study materials, with 97% passing their exams on their first attempt.  Our ID+C practice tests and study guides are created not just by academics, but by true experts in the field of green building, and designed to closely mimic the actual ID+C test questions.  We’re also here to help you maintain your LEED ID+C credential with the fastest and most flexible continuing education solution around.

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About the LEED ID+C Rating System

The LEED certification process enables a project team that collaborates early to identify synergies and opportunities for innovative solutions more quickly in the planning and design stages. This reduces redundancy across individual processes of designers, engineers, builders, operators, and clients.  This collaboration then encourages creative enhancements to energy efficiency, indoor air quality, or other environmental impact areas that otherwise would not have been recognized.

LEED ID+C Certification involves three phases:

  • Discovery- an expanded and modernized version of the traditional predesign process, discovery is the most important phase for producing desired outcomes with LEED.
  • Design & Construction- the implementation phase. Similar to standard processes but involves activation of key findings within the discovery process.
  • Performance feedback- a feedback cycle is created in this phase where the performance of various areas of the space are measured and corrective actions taken as needed.

Check out our free LEED for Interior Design resources page to learn more about ID+C certification.

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