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I just purchased products from your website. Will I receive a hard copy of these materials.

All of our materials are available online, over the computer. That’s what we mean by instant access. We have set up our practice tests to simulate the actual exam given by USGBC, so you will know what to expect on the day of your exam. However, you are able to download and print the flash cards and study guides, if you would like.

All of our exam prep courses can be viewed online; and audio-only mp3 files can be downloaded.

I just purchased a product from you. When will it expire and no longer be active in my GBES account?

The product access is available for 120 days from the time you first launch the product to use it. We suggest not opening the product you purchased until you are ready to begin studying for your exam. You can purchase an extension on your product in 30 day increments once your product has less than 10 days of access left.

What is the best process for studying?

We highly recommend using the on-demand webinars with the practice tests, which are available in the Platinum Packs here. Watch the videos and review the flash cards (you can print or flip through them online). Take the practice tests multiple times; we suggest that when you are scoring 85% or higher on all of the question pools you are well prepared for the real exam. Our practice tests are designed to simulate the real exam given by USGBC/GBCI.

When will the study guide for my AP specialty be available?

We currently have Study Guides for the LEED Green Associate and the LEED AP BD+C only.

What is the difference between the ON DEMAND Webinar and the LIVE Webinar?

On demand webinars are files that can be viewed online any time and viewed multiple times during the duration of your product access (120 days). They are typically recordings of a LEED expert over a PowerPoint video.

Live webinars are shown in PowerPoint style, with a live LEED expert delivering exam prep course material via GoToMeeting. The live webinars include time for Q&A with the instructor. You will receive a recording of the class within 24 hours after the class is held.

How do I print my flash cards so they fit on the page?

Make sure you are following the instructions for printing that are on the Flash Card page located in your account, or you can view the instructions. If you are using a printing shop, ask them to use the settings for Avery template 5392 (six per sheet). This is the format the flash cards were set up with.

When do the exams change from v2009 to v4?

  1. Green Associate – currently on v4
  2. BD+C currently on v4
  3. O+M currently on v4
  4. ID+C currently on v4
  5. ND currently on v4
  6. HOMES currently on v4

In what languages is the LEED exam offered?

The exams are currently offered in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and French.

Are any of your materials available in languages other than English?

At this time, the only materials we have in a different language are our LEED Green Associate Practice Tests in Spanish.

How do I schedule my LEED exam?

First you will need to log in to your USGBC account, and register and pay for the exam. Keep the eligibility ID provided by USGBC handy. Visit prometric.com to find a testing center near you and schedule your exam. Some people who applied for their exam prior to 2014, and paid an application fee to GBCI, will still need to pay Prometric for their exam appointment during scheduling.

How much does the LEED exam cost?

The LEED Green Associate exam costs $200 for USGBC members, or $250 for non-members. The LEED AP exams each cost $250 for USGBC members, or $350 for non-members. It is possible to take the LEED Green Associate and one LEED AP exam together. This combined exam costs $400 for USGBC members, or $550 for non-members.

*If you are a veteran of the United States military, you are eligible for 100% reimbursement for any LEED exam. The Veterans Administration recommends following the following steps:

  1. Register for the exam and take the test.
  2. Fill out this form, and send the form with a copy of your receipt for the exam (available in your usgbc.org profile under “Orders”), and a signed, dated statement authorizing the release of your exam scores to the VA at the address on the form listed above.
  3. It will take 4-12 weeks to process.

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