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Continuing Education

Regenerative Development for the Built Environment – A GBES Certificate Course

15 Hours of AIA HSW CE 15 Hours of LEED General CE Expert Content


Regenerative Development for the Built Environment is a learning journey for those who sense that a different way of relating to the world around us is needed. It is meant for those that feel the current way of addressing the multiple crises we are facing is not leading to the changes we need. It is for those that wonder if there is a different approach that opens up new possibilities based on the potential of a living systems approach. It offers a path towards a more purposeful, vibrant, and vital way to be an actor in the built environment.

The aim of this collective journey is:

  • To explore how worldviews impact how we design and develop projects
  • To gain a deeper understanding of what regeneration is and what it means for the built environment
  • To provide a living systems and regenerative thinking approach to how we develop places
  • To unveil the potential of the real estate sector towards the creation of places where all life thrives in harmony
  • To discover how you could start your regenerative journey


This highly interactive and thought-provoking course will provide you with the tools to view projects differently by shattering your current way of thinking. You will walk away with a deep understanding of how to build regenerative projects through practical design methodology and how to communicate these regenerative principles with your project team and shareholders.

This course has been pre-approved for 15 hours of LEED General CE and AIA HSW credits that we will report on your behalf. Students can also self-report this course for 15 hours of general WELL AP CE.


Learning Objectives

Worldviews Matter
Worldviews are based on our beliefs about the world and shape how we think and act. Becoming conscious of different worldviews allows us to understand how we could think and act differently.

Complexity Theory
We live in a complex world, and recent scientific findings are helping us understand how complexity works, allowing us to understand our world better.

Living Systems Thinking
The nature of our thinking is fundamental for regenerative development. Living Systems thinking provides a new mindset allowing us to transform our work.

A New Paradigm for the Built Environment
Understanding the different paradigms from which we can work allows us to develop new possibilities for thinking, designing, and building.

Fractal Flourishing
Regenerative development happens at different interconnected levels. It involves personal and collective action to work together towards regenerative outcomes in projects.

Pathways to a Regenerative Future
Once we understand Regenerative Development, we can explore pathways to incorporate it into our lives and work.

Course Schedule

The Spring 2024 course has reached full capacity. If you would like to be notified when the date for the next class is released, please email customercare@gbes.com.

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This course can be paid in 4 installments using Afterpay at checkout.

Meet Your Instructor

Emmanuel Pauwels
LEED Project Facilitator

Emmanuel Pauwels has been working as a LEED Consultant for the last 10 years on various projects in different European countries. He became Living Future Accredited in 2018. His vocation has evolved towards becoming a Regenerative Practitioner bringing his experience and knowledge of living systems thinking to the field of real estate development. He applies many skills and expertise, including personal capacity building towards living systems thinking and whole-person-based collaboration. He is deeply committed to working as a resource for people who want to learn about Regenerative Development and Living Systems.

Emmanuel Pauwels strongly believes in regenerative design and in the power of regenerative spaces and communities that sustain life.


“The course sessions on regenerative thinking and design are insightful and bring new perspectives.”
-Macarena Cervera, Project Engineer

“The course has helped me to think beyond sustainability, towards the principle of being regenerative. It felt like a switch turning on in my brain.”
-Nicole Dememezes, Consultant.

“From personal to professional learning, this course made me see much of my life experience from a new perspective.”
-Vanina Montenegro, Interior Designer

“Regenerative development, its methodology, the infinite applications of a revolutionary and novel way of thinking will help me change the view I have on the world, personal relationships, nature, and future projects.”
-Sabela Garcia, Architect

“I wanted to thank you for introducing me to a new paradigm and way of seeing many things in my life in a different way.”
– Audry Tendell, Urban Planner

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