Architect Registration Exam (ARE 5.0)

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ARE 5.0 Exam Review: Practice Management
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ARE 5.0 Exam Review: Programming & Analysis
ARE 5.0 Exam Review: Project Development & Documentation
ARE 5.0 Exam Review: Construction & Evaluation


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Everything you need to pass all six divisions of the ARE 5.0 exam

Don’t miss out on getting access to all of our print and digital study materials! In this bundle, you will receive:

Architect Registration Exam ARE 5.0 Practice Exam PPI2PASS Promo Code

David Ballast’s ARE 5.0 Review Manual: Online version with links from the Study Plan to the exact chapters in the Web Book that cover each ARE exam topic so you can focus on topic-by-topic review without interruption.

ARE 5.0 Practice Questions: Over 550 questions cover all six divisions. Questions have been updated to support the Exam Review chapters.

ARE 5.0 Mock Exams: Six full-length mock exams to assess your exam day readiness, one for each division of the ARE 5.0.

Division-Specific Study Plans: Central hub to organize your studies, assigning specific tasks and directly connecting you to the digital products.

NEW! ARE Problem-Solving Video Series: Watch licensed architects work through exam-like problems with step-by-step explanations and tips.

NEW! Case Study Quiz: Each division contains a new case study quiz to help you practice case study questions.

Quiz Generator: Over 400 unique practice questions organized by exam topic in each exam division. Create custom quizzes to practice as many questions as possible to prepare for exam day.

Diagnostic Exams: Provides an assessment of your exam topic strengths and weaknesses to get you focused on a game plan to pass your exam.

Flashcards: Support recall of important concepts with over 150 flashcards in each division.

Helpful ARE 5.0 Test Information:

How is the ART 5.0 test organized?

ARE 5.0 is a computer-based test and has content divided into six divisions that may be taken in any order. They are:

  • Practice Management (80 items, two hours and 45 minutes test duration)
  • Project Management (90 items, three hours and 15 minutes test duration)
  • Programming & Analysis (95 items, three hours and 15 minutes test duration)
  • Project Planning & Design (120 items, four hours and 15 minutes test duration)
  • Project Development & Documentation (120 items, four hours and 15 minutes test duration)
  • Construction & Evaluation (95 items, three hours and 15 minutes test duration)

What are the current pass rates for each division of the ARE 5.0?

  • Practice Management – 51%
  • Project Management – 62%
  • Programming & Analysis – 53%
  • Project Planning & Design – 46%
  • Project Development & Documentation – 53%
  • Construction & Evaluation – 70%

What is the question format of the ARE 5.0?

ARE 5.0 has a mixture of Alternative Item Types (AITs). There is also no pre-determined or fixed number of AIT exam questions nor of the percentage of any one type of AIT question on an exam. Here are the AITs found on ARE 5.0:

Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice (Check-All-That-Apply)
Point-and-Click (Hot Spot, or Mark Location)
Case Study

How long do I have to take all six divisional exams?

All six divisional exams must be completed within a five-year period, which begins on the date of the first division you pass. According to NCARB, the average time frame to complete all six exams in 2018 was 2.2 years.

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