Updates on ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) – Special Episode



According to the International Energy Agency, the construction industry is responsible for 39% of global energy and process-related emissions and 36% of worldwide energy demand. This sector also accounts for 40% of drinking water consumption and 23% of air pollution. Our industry is also facing environmental issues such as air pollution, water shortages/contamination, and a shrinking supply of fossil fuels.

With each passing year, the construction industry is reimagining the future of the built environment and is steadfast in curbing global carbon emissions. One framework the industry uses to benchmark its performance, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), include 17 interconnected global goals to promote development that balances social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

This webinar will help you understand the UNSDG, how they relate to green building, and how you can integrate the UNSDG directly into your business processes.

What You Will Learn:

  • What are the UNSDGs?
  • How do the UNSDGs relate to green buildings?
  • How can the UNSDGs integrate into your business processes?

Amritpal Virdee is a member of the ESG Team at Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) as a Senior ESG Consultant. His main responsibilities include identifying ESG material issues and engaging with clients to create compelling ESG Frameworks. Furthermore, he also works with clients to adopt the GRESB, GRI and other ESG initiatives such as the UN SDG Benchmarking.

Amritpal has worked as an Economist in London where he advised clients on the impact of? macroeconomic trends on their financial portfolios and educated companies on how to integrate ESG into their corporate decision-making processes.

Additionally, Amritpal has experience working in the United Nations conducting sustainable finance policy research and working with former UN Chief Economist Elliott Harris on how to increase sustainable development funding in the world’s Least Developed Countries.

Amritpal’s favorite hobby is sailing and he regularly spends summer weekends up and down the North East coast.

Amy D’Angelo is the Director of ESG for Sustainable Investment Group. In this role, Amy provides leadership to the ESG and Energy Star departments and works with some of the country’s largest REITs to identify and manage risks that pertain to environmental, social and governance issues.

She also is leading our Corporate Sustainability Program with a particular focus on the “S” – empowering women within our organization and ensuring that we can have the greatest impact in the communities where we live.

Amy spends her free time outside and enjoying the natural resources in the community where she lives, kayaking, biking or just walking on the beach. When she isn’t outside, you can find her cooking for her family, playing with her dogs or tending to her vast collection of indoor plants.


Show Highlight

  • The SDGs push global policy sustainability goals for cities/countries/companies and more.
  • Amrit shares how exactly green buildings relate to certain SDGs.
  • Gain awareness on the learning objectives and very diverse and wide range 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) categories.
    * What are the UN SDGs?
    * How do the UN’s SDGs actually relate to green building?
    * The direct importance on how the UN SDGs can be integrated into your business processes.
    * Economic growth, housing solutions, water safety and lower construction costs
    * Why integrate the UN SDGs into your business?
  • Learn about a great resource called the C40 Cities Initiative, which highlights how local entities are taking very bold steps for sustainable growth.
  • How are SDG goals applicable towards residential and commercial building or is it?
  • SDG data partnership and metrics to map out your connection to LEED, WELL and other rating system scores.
  • Additional benefits to SDGs
    * Subset of social impact bonds called SDG bonds,
    * WELL building standard has embraced UN SDGs

Show Resource and Information

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