The Importance of Passion for Sustainability with Jenn Mahon

Jenn Mahon, Sustainability Consultant with Sustainable Investment Group (SIG), joins Charlie Cichetti.  Jenn is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is not only a LEED expert but is also out in front of the New Wellness Real Estate movement.

Jenn Mahon – Sustainability Radar

Jenn went to the University of Minnesota.  She has a Bachelor’s of Design in Architecture and a Minor in Sustainable Design.  Sustainability became a hot topic her sophomore year of college during her minor program.   Eventually the university built programs around sustainability.

Jenn had an early interest in architecture and grew up sustainability minded. Her career path included working in advanced programs for a large general contractor, also.

“I have an engineer brain but I also have this artistic side – I really love to build things.” –Jenn Mahon

Jenn also graduated from Boston Architectural College in 2013 with a Masters of Sustainable Design.  She worked with M. A. Mortenson Company for several years gaining valuable experience in rating systems even outside of LEED.

Sustainability Minded Leads To Success

Jenn is always sustainability minded in her personal life.  She loves the outdoors and growing up, her family instilled the value of awareness of fixing and not always throwing things away.

Jenn stayed at Mortenson for 6 years and wore various hats including advanced green building programs and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to show clients virtual models of all facets of the project.  Jenn started to work on additional sustainability reporting which moved her into their sustainability department.

Due to her success and growing interest in multiple green building programs, Jenn joined the team at SIG and works on LEED for New Construction and Core & Shell projects in Mexico, New York City, and more.  Jenn is also currently working on Fitwel and LEED projects in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Additionally, Jenn is a WELL AP and Fitwel Ambassador.

“I like working on Well and Fitwel projects that deal a more with the occupant health and well-being – it’s a different conversation now.” – Jenn Mahon

Jenn is currently a certified LEED Green Associate, LFA, GGP, Fitwel Ambassador, and WELL AP.

Early Influencer

During Jenn’s sophomore year of college she had the opportunity to be part of a group that went to a conference in Denver where William McDonough spoke.  Although the speech was depressing regarding what is really going on around us, this speech helped Jenn change her focus to sustainability.

To hear more of Jenn’s sustainability success story, download and listen to the episode!

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