How to Keep Up Your Credentials with Charlie Cichetti

Charlie Cichetti, host of Green Buildings Matters, shares a public service announcement on how you keep up your credentials. Charlie discusses LEED and WELL AP credential maintenance to clear up any confusion, and he also answers frequently asked questions.  

Charlie Cichetti – LEED Exams

Around 2009, professionals were rushing to take the LEED AP exams for fear they would get more difficult.  These professionals were wanting to be grandfathered in; therefore, Charlie’s company was doing a lot of training preparing individuals for the exams.  The following 2009 credentials are still in place today. Tier 1 LEED GA (Green Associate), Tier 2 LEED AP (Accredited Professional), LEED BD+C (Building Design and Construction, LEED ID+C (Interior Design and Construction), O+M (Operations and Maintenance), LEED ND (Neighborhood Development) and Homes.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

What if am an old LEED AP only?  Technically you don’t need to do anything, and are referred to as a legacy LEED AP.

For those of you who opted in or tested in to the elite LEED AP with specialty:  You have to earn continuing education every 2 years. 30 general hours total (of which, 6 of those 30 hours must be LEED specific to your specialty).

After the major updates in June 2009, all professionals had to test into the LEED Green Associate and specialty credentials.  Charlie Cichetti did take and pass all LEED exams.

“As a consultant and as an educator and as a trainer I wanted to see what it was like to take and pass all of these LEED exams and be ready for the rating systems, building projects, and to help others pass the exams.” – Charlie Cichetti


The LEED CMP (Credentialing Maintenance Program) Guide provides information on the requirements to be LEED specific.  The purpose of the LEED CMP Guide is to make sure you are keeping current and if not you could lose your credentials.

“Why this change?  The folks at GBCI want to make sure that you are continually learning, staying up to date and you stay competent and know what is going on today.” – Charlie Cichetti

To hear more about how to keep up your credentials, download and listen to the episode!


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