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Dan Carney & Brett Taysom, both of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta join Charlie Cichetti live at the Fed.  Dan Carney grew up outside Boston and moved around quite a bit as a child.  Dan went to the Ohio State University and earned a Master’s of Architecture.  He joined the Fed after the big recession and for the last 9 years has worked on sustainability for the bank.  Brett Taysom is from Roswell, GA but went to school in the Carolinas. His undergraduate studies were at Furman University where he started to get into the sustainability arena.  Brett then went to school in Charleston in an environmental studies and started focusing on sustainability.

Dan & Brett- Introduction to Sustainability

Brett grew up loving science and enjoyed the environment and became more focused on sustainability in grad school.  Dan heard about the term LEED for the first time during grad school in his second year during a Mechanical Systems class.  This peaked Dan’s interest but wasn’t a strong connection at that time with architecture. When he started working, the buildings included sustainability and he took his first LEED exam.


Brett recognizes his professors at Furman University as the ones who got him started. They encouraged him to go to grad school.  He also credits his father who was in the real estate industry who recognized changing trends and shared those with Brett.

If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have gone to grad school and found sustainability and wouldn’t have found this path.” – Brett Taysom

Dan credits his parents as a big influence.  A big part of his childhood upbringing included not being wasteful, conserving energy, and not wasting water.

“I think about those aspects of my childhood and I think that planted some seeds that later on shaped who I was; a sustainability professional.” – Dan Carney

Real Estate and LEED

Dan and his team developed a sustainability plan and strategy when he first joined the FED.  That was 10 years ago, but was the first time that they had developed a strategy and thought about all the environmental impacts.  Planning their strategy and setting goals was something they pursued vigorously for the next 5-6 years.

Brett came on board and was really able to apply a lot more attention to our sustainability program, work with the green team and really refine and enhance our communication with bank employees and how we engage with bank employees so we were able to take our reporting and data to the next level.” – Dan Carney


“Have coffee every morning.” – Brett Taysom

“Exercise daily, stay up to date in the sustainability world.” – Dan Carney

To hear more about Dan and Brett’s journey and their thoughts on Sustainability download and listen to the episode!

Book Suggestions:

Brett Taysom’s Suggestion:

The China Study by  T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II

Dan Carney’s Suggestion:

The Desert and the Sea by Michael Scott Moore

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