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Ron Kamen, represents commercial organizations in clean energy projects that reduce energy costs and lower carbon footprints. He started the AWESome EarthKind podcast to generate hope & empower families with the tools to have a positive impact. For 3 decades, he’s worked with large and small businesses, governments & non-profits to identify achievable clean energy goals, create strategies, and deliver next-generation cost-saving climate solutions.

His career began with fixed-income seniors who had to choose to “heat or eat” due to astronomical utility cost increases. He came to realize that energy was also the major source of air, water & land pollution. (In my home state, energy is responsible for ~ 90% of greenhouse gases).

Climate disruption became personal in 1998 when an upstate NY tornado severely damaged his home and his family narrowly avoided catastrophe. Since then, climate-induced weather disasters have become commonplace, with Superstorms, massive flooding, droughts, wildfires, and polar vortices shutting down electric grids and threatening lives (even in “climate-change-denying” southern states).

EarthKind Energy Consulting brings this commitment, experience, and expertise to every project. Our successes include reductions in electricity, heating, & transportation costs; improved carbon footprints; outstanding financial returns; and zero cash down projects that provide immediate and long-term savings. There is nothing better than working with good people and organizations who aim to have a positive environmental impact – and realize that they can save money doing it.

As a public speaker, he also makes public presentations that educate, inspire, and empower both young and old to “Go Clean & Save Green”. The AWESome EarthKind podcast promotes that women and mankind – all EarthKind – are Forces of Nature. We are the 5th Element, and we are literally changing the work. We CAN make a real difference (and save ourselves money) when we focus on clean energy for our homes, businesses, communities, and nation.

Show Highlight

  • Ron shares his work with clean energy, clean tech, renewables and more in the greater New York area and beyond.
  • Energy is the answer to a lot of our economic environmental issues.
  • Figuring out how property owners, commercial buildings, nonprofits, government, can make transitions to clean energy to have environmental cost efficient benefits.
  • EarthKind is a small boutique consulting company targeting clients who want to tap into the opportunity to save a really dramatic amount of money for the environment.
  • Build awareness for geothermal exchange, where it becomes most cost effective, and what’s holding the technology back.
  • Grid evolution with distributing storage, being a generation source, electric vehicle supplying battery storage and use as a revenue source.
  • The technology that supports environmental policy and pockets to drive economic decisions.
  • Benefits of building an infrastructure with renewable vs fossil fuels when promoting new construction.

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