Asa Posner – Committing to the LEED Movement

Asa Posner has been in the sustainability realm for ten years. His career began with a curiosity in geology, which eventually led him to take environmental studies courses in college. Along with learning grew his love for the ecosystem, and now he has made it his life mission to make the built environment eco-friendly.

“Let’s make the built environment better so that it’ll have less of an impact on the ecosystem.” – Asa Posner

Asa Posner – A Not So Forward Path

Asa remembers first being exposed to nature when his uncle would take him and his brother hiking. Originally wanting to pursue medicine in college, he enrolled in a geology course thinking it would be nice. Little did he know that this little detour would lead him to a truly different path.

Through the mentoring of great geology and paleontology professors who shared the same concern for the environment, Asa’s career path was solidified. With his honors thesis, he was able to assess the impact of urbanization on flora and fauna. And while his findings compelled him to stand in line with the picket fence, he realized he wanted to affect change in a different manner.

Towards Sustainable Building

Sustainability became a buzzword by the turn of the millennium. LEED became a guidepost in different projects in different areas, including building of college classrooms.

Asa was in the frontlines of many school construction projects through which he was able to work with engineers and architects. This professional experience helped open his eyes as to how commitment to sustainable building should not end with the completion of a project.

Jiving the Dichotomy

During his earlier stints in the built environment, Asa’s work culminated when the building was built. This puts into perspective where the industry stands in the context of sustainability.

“Just because it’s designed and built green, doesn’t necessarily mean that it operates green, and vice versa.” – Asa Posner

Asa realizes the need to bridge the gap of this dichotomy. LEED construction rating systems will help rid of this gap. He has been an advocate of the movement ever since.

To hear more about how Asa is living and breathing sustainability and LEED, download and listen to the episode!

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