30 Years of Energy/Environmental Expertise with Marcus Sheffer

Marcus Sherrer is an energy/environmental consultant with over 30 years of professional experience.  He formed Energy Opportunities, Inc. In 1993 to provide technical consulting service on projects relating to energy management, efficiency and conservation; renewable energy systems and the environmental impact on human enterprises.  Marcus is a LEED Fellow and partner in 7Group. In addition Marcus published the article Regenerating Our Place In Earth dated September 15, 2018

Marcus Sheffer – Early Adopter of LEED for Existing Buildings

Marcus grew up in the Pennsylvania suburbs and attended State University Shipmanburgs.  He studied Environmental Studies as an undergraduate and continues to practice in that area.  He is also a partner in 7Group which came about while working on server all different projects for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection as they were not doing green building projects.  

Path Picks Us In Sustainability

Marcus discovered that environmental impacts and ecology fascinated him. He is very passionate about these issues and believes that sometimes we pick the path we want to go down.  In Marcus’ case, everything while growing up continue to point him in the direction of environmental issues and ecology and this is where he focuses.

“I think the path picks us as wellso in many ways there all these signs in school that pointed me down this path of energy impact.” – Marcus Sheffer

Mentor In Form of a Book

Marcus recognizes Emery Lovens’ book Soft Energy Paths as his first mentor.  The book resonated deeply with him. He followed the soft energy path and he continues to implement strategies from his reading.  

“I tend to think that a mentor is someone who has a personal connection to me.” – Marcus Sheffer

Recommended Books

Marcus recommends two books for a foundational start.


  1. Regenerative Design for Sustainable Development by John Tillman Lyle
  2. The Regenerative Business by Carol Sanford

“If you are early interested in how you can apply a regenerative design process, I would say these 2 books would be foundational to get started.” – Marcus Sheffer

To hear more about Marcus’ success with sustainability, download and listen to the episode!

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