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LEED v4 ND Brownfield Remediation

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Brownfield sites are contaminated with hazardous materials that can be harmful to humans and the environment. Remediation of brownfield sites is one method of mitigating this threat.

Environmental engineers use a variety of techniques to remediate brownfield sites, ranging from soil blending to bioremediation. Furthermore, because each project has a distinct type and level of pollution, the remediation techniques required to clean different sites can vary greatly.

If the project is planned to be built on a brownfield site, the LEED rating system requires its remediation prior to construction. If this is not feasible, LEED project can be located in a high-priority redevelopment area to earn credit points under this credit category.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what the LEED v4 ND Rating system states a brownfield site is and why you should remediate it.
  • Learn what a brownfield remediation looks like.
  • Learn about the intent behind the LEED v4 Smart Location and Linkage Brownfield Remediation credit.
  • How does LEED v4 ND Brownfield remediation work?

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