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A Detailed Look into WELL Mind Features

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A healthy environment is the first step toward a healthy mind. Although research on the subject is ongoing, we know enough about how our surroundings affect our health to design building spaces that promote our mental well-being.

WELL Building Standard is one such certification system that focuses on creating healthy buildings. It focuses not only on improving occupants’ physical health but also on improving their mental well-being. WELL developed a set of standards in the mental health category to help create healthy and supportive spaces.

These standards are powered by the latest scientific research and the best practices in the field of building design to create living spaces that support healthy minds. No matter a project pursues WELL designation or not, it can benefit from these guidelines to establish a healthier environment for its occupants.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how our spaces can affect our mental health.
  • Learn how the WELL Mind Concept promotes mental health through programs, policies, and resources.
  • Learn how to develop a workplace stress management plan, and what should be addressed with that plan for your WELL building project.
  • Learn best practice for maximizing occupant experience of nature access both indoors and outdoors in your WELL building project.

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