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A Detailed Look into WELL Light Features

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The WELL Light concept is a guideline created by WELL Building Standard that includes lighting design for optimal health and wellbeing. It helps projects to incorporate proper lighting measures into their design to promote health and wellbeing by drawing on research in circadian lighting.

Most buildings that exist today are not built with a proper plan of illumination. They either don’t allow enough daylight exposure for the building occupants or they have improperly designed artificial lighting causing negative health and productivity results. While there are very few good examples of properly adjusted lighting, WELL Building Standard is striving to turn the trend around.

The WELL light concept helps projects in providing the necessary guidance in implementing natural light and supplementing the lack of daylight with artificial light to create a healthy and comfortable environment. It refers to well-recognized national and international codes, standards, and guidelines to inform about the best lighting requirements that consider visual, biological, and psychological dimensions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why light is so important.
  • Learn how the WELL Light concept helps building projects.
  • Understand the best time to implement WELL Lighting features in a project
  • Take a deep look into the 9 different WELL Light Features.

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