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A Detailed Look at WELL Materials Features

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WELL rating system has a dedicated Materials concept that covers 12 different materials features guiding how to minimize or completely eliminate these toxins from our everyday environments.

Buildings are not only where we work and live, but they are also our primary source of chemical exposure. Because building materials are present in buildings for a longer period of time than any other consumer product, their potential exposures during construction, remodeling, furnishing, and operation pose long-term risks to the health and environment of the occupants.

WELL rating system assists building projects in identifying toxic chemical substances found in building materials and showing ways to make better choices to avoid chemicals that pose health risks to occupants.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the importance of building materials on occupants health, as outlined in WELL.
  • Review in depth the the 12 different Features under the WELL Materials Concept.
  • Learn how to address different issue in the WELL Materials concepts such as VOC Emissions, Materials Restrictions, Transparency and Optimization.
  • Learn the importance of cleaning protocols and contact reduction.

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