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Where do Green Building Certifications and Pandemic Preparation Meet?

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This article gives the reader an overview of current green building industry certifications, LEED, Fitwel and WELL that coincide with the pandemic preparation response that so many building owners are now realizing is vital in operating safe buildings. From there, this article dives into the two pandemic specific programs that have been launched by both Fitwel and and WELL. Finally, this article helps solidify the understanding of these two programs by a closer look at the similarities and differences of each program. The reader walks away from this article with a better understanding on how a green building better prepares building owners and occupants for a pandemic, but also how the green building industry is able to create complimentary programs that bring the idea of occupant wellness to a whole new level.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand that the current green building certifications, LEED, WELL & Fitwel inherently contain policies that are beneficial in preparing a building for a pandemic like COVID-19. Such as WELL Nourishment, Feature 41 Handwashing
  • Demonstrate how to strengthen cleaning policies as shown in WELL Air Feature 09
  • How to enhance HVAC Ventilation Systems to help reduce airborne spread in WELL Air, Feature 03 Ventilation Effectiveness, and WELL A05: Enhanced Ventilation
  • Understand the basics of the Fitwell Viral Response Module
  • Understand the basics of the WELL Health Safety Rating
  • Understand the similarities and differences of the Fitwel VRM and WELL HSR

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