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WELL Community Building a Culture of Health and Establishing Social Ties Course

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The WELL Community concept is designed to provide a framework for a healthy community. It targets to influence and empower communities to obtain better health using a synergic approach.

It is no secret that good health is an essential component of happiness for anyone. We also know that a variety of factors, including social, economic, educational, and psychological factors, influence how healthy people become.
Knowing the complexities of human health, we cannot isolate these factors from each other. They work together in conjunction with each other to either promote or impede health.

The majority of factors influencing human life are community-based and directly related to the environment in which we live. Thus, factors such as the quality and availability of social networks, the provision of essential services, and access to education, housing, and employment all have a direct impact on health.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn ways to promote health and wellness for all individuals involved in a WELL project.
  • What is integrative design, and how can it be applied to projects?
  • Learn why occupant surveys are an important requirement to understand the needs for health and well-being of the building occupants.
  • Learn about the importance of Universal Design and Accessibility, and how projects can design their spaces to accommodate with people disabilities.

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