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Top 10 Ways to Green Your Construction Site


LEED is continuing to grow, which make’s it even more important to make sure we are doing everything we can to make a construction site “Green”. On LEED and non-LEED projects, we are seeing a tremendous push to green up our construction sites and reduce our carbon footprint during the construction phase. In this webinar, which counts as continuing education, we’ll have two LEED consultants from SIG bring a Top 10 list of what best practices are in place to reduce your next (or current) project’s footprint.

While LED temporary lighting may be the norm, are you tracking your energy/water/waste for each project? How about composting food scraps from the crew and even onsite gardens, where you have space? Believe it or not, it is happening.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the best practices to being able to promote a greener construction site
  • Learn how communicating with your teammates can make for a greener site
  • Discover the Pilot Credit that you can earn during the process of greening up your construction site
  • How using Green Materials, Permanente and Temporary, can help aid in making a greener site

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