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RESILIENCY: Utilizing Climate Scenario Analyses

Featuring special guest, and meteorologist, Tracey Anthony.

Don’t miss out on this webinar about how to use Climate Scenario Analyses to make your business or company more resilient, sustainable, and competitive in the future!*Investors and consumers are demanding transparency on how climate related risks and opportunities will impact the future of the organizations they align with.*Climate scenarios are methodically developed models and narratives for various plausible climate futures, accounting for transition and physical impacts.* The knowledge and understanding from climate scenario analyses helps cut through future uncertainty & manage climate associated risks while bringing possible opportunities to light.

Guest Speaker Bio

Tracey Anthony has a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and has been working in weather since 2011. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, she was immersed in business operations and strategy at a young age. This sparked her passion for innovative thinking and problem solving. Tracey’s years of experience with startup weather companies, local & national broadcasting and b2b sales development, have fostered the advancement of her versatile business acumen. She brings a unique set of skills to clients, bridging the gap between science, business, sustainability & marketing.

Learning Objectives

  • Importance of Climate-Related Disclosures. What is the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures and some recommendations for utilizing climate scenario analysis.
  • What is a climate scenario analysis and the information it provides? Definition of the transition and physical categories of climate related impacts.
  • The importance of science knowledge while assessing the physical impacts for complete analyses.
  • Industry examples and insight on benefits to companies from ESG initiatives, reporting and certifications such as LEED and GRESB, to integration with risk management and business strategy, to an organization’s bottom line.

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