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LEED V4 O+M: Integrated Pest Management

0.5 Hours CE Auto Reporting Expert Content


Pest is a major concern in buildings and conventional pest control methods can be harmful to human life. Integrated Pest Management on the other hand is an ecosystem-based method that emphasizes long-term pest or damage prevention through the combined use of effective strategies such as biological control, habitat manipulation, cultural practice modification.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what a Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan is as shown in the LEED V4 O+M Rating system.
  • Learn about different methods to Controlling or Preventing pest problems such as Nonchemical pest preventive measures and Provisions for identifying and monitoring pest as shown in the LEED O+M V4 EQ CREDIT: Integrated Pest Management
  • Learn about the intent behind the credit on different methods to controlling or preventing pest problems
  • Learn how IPM works and the roles and responsibilities of the IPM team needed to implement an effective IPM plan shown in the LEED O+M V4 EQ CREDIT: Integrated Pest Management