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LEED v4 ND Plan Smart Location – A Detailed Look Into The Prerequisite

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LEED ND Plan: Smart Location Prerequisite creates a label, as well as guidelines for design and decision-making, to serve as an incentive to choose a better location for building projects. Planning and selecting the right development location is key to achieve environmental sustainability, occupant health, well-being and happiness. Even if a building uses the best green building strategies, a poor location will disrupt natural areas, require people to drive long distances, or expose people to toxic compounds is likely to overshadow the benefits of green development.

Learning Objectives

  • LEED v4 ND Plan: Smart Location is a prerequisite requested from all neighborhood projects to meet pursuing the LEED v4 ND Certification.
  • Learn what the Intent is for this Prerequisite
  • Learn the four different options offered for project teams to choose for LEED v4 ND Plan: Smart Location
  • See how a Brownfield site can also work for the LEED v4 ND Plan: Smart Location prerequisite

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