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LEED ND: Imperiled Species and Ecological Communities

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The world is facing a conservation crisis. Dozens of species are imperiled, and there’s an increasing risk that some will go extinct in the near future as we continue to lose more wildlife habitats every day. The good news is that many of these animals can be saved if we take action right away.

LEED v4 ND: Plan Imperiled species and ecological communities prerequisite demand neighborhood projects to meet certain conservation criteria to protect imperiled species and ecological communities.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the imperiled species & ecological communities for the LEED ND: Imperiled species and ecological communities Credit.
  • What are the organizations work to protect imperiled species & ecological communities?
  • How does LEED v4 ND: Imperiled species and ecological communities prerequisite work?
  • What can LEED ND projects do to document prerequisite compliance depending on the existence/nonexistence of species and project location specific factors.

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