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Vegetated Green Roofs for LEED Projects

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This course begins with the basic definition of a vegetated green roof and moves on to a discussion of green roofing policies in various jurisdictions, focusing on American cities. We’ll talk about the LEED credits related to vegetated green roofs. We’ll examine the details of green roof design and construction, including case studies, custom and standard sections and spatial design issues. Finally, we’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of vegetated green roofs and about the types of sites for which they are best suited.

Learning Objectives

  • Contrast the environmental and life cycle analysis benefits and drawbacks of vegetated green roofs with those of other roofing strategies
  • Describe the layers of a vegetated green roof system and explain their functions
  • Analyze strategies for dealing with green roof drainage, access and site issues
  • Identify synergies and tradeoffs to existing credits and green building strategies

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