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Heating, Cooling, Ventilating, and Daylighting using Passive Solar Design

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Passive solar is all around us. Whether or not we are consciously making use of passive solar principles or not, our homes, offices and stores are affected by passive solar. What we refer to as passive solar design is merely taking an active interest in the effect that passive solar has on our comfort, and maximizing our ability to take advantage of the benefits which it provides.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic principles and concepts related to passive solar design
  • Identify the different elements of passive solar design: passive heating, passive cooling, and daylighting
  • Design interior spaces in such a way that they maximize solar heating as well as solar cooling
  • Optimize glazing to ensure that it neither overheats nor under-heats a building
  • Determine how best toorientate a building in order to optimize summer cooling and winter heating requirements
  • Determine how passive solar principles can be incorporated into a building's design in order to satisfy LEED credit requirements

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