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No Cost and Low Cost Energy Savings for Existing Buildings

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The relevance of efficiently operating buildings has become more apparent to building owners and operators over recent years. Companies are requiring that sustainability be part of their mission and corporate culture. Not only are energy costs rising, but building efficiency standards are being mandated by some cities, counties and states as well. As the recession has lingered, building owners continue to look for places to increase their small bottom lines and begin to meet increasing efficiency requirements. Efficiency isn’t just ‘green’ it’s a business necessity. More attention is being paid to small capital improvements and management techniques that can improve the overall life, appeal and value of the building without breaking the bank. This course will go over generally accepted low cost and no cost strategies that will reduce energy costs, consumption and waste in existing commercial buildings.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the four areas in an operations and maintenance plan that provide the most potential for savings
  • Identify key energy saving opportunity areas for interior and exterior lighting, heating and cooling systems, water usage, landscaping, pest management and cleaning in an existing building
  • Understand how to document and benchmark progress to track results
  • Explain how to get tenants and maintenance staff on board with energy saving measures

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