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Death Star vs. Hobbit Hole – A Tale of Two LEED Projects

2.0 Hours CE Auto Reporting No Expiration Retired


Are you ready to have a little more fun in your continuing education? We’ll take these two fictional places and walk through the LEED for New Construction rating system checklist – like a project team would do in an initial LEED Charrette – and see how many points each would score. Of course, it requires a leap of the imagination to do so. But remember, while neither of these places are real, neither is any new construction project until the idea begins in someone’s mind. Sometimes LEED is introduced after the design is complete and the project is already under construction. Who’s to say a Death Star won’t be built someday? There has been a petition to the White House to build one (however the White House also issued a response, and the request was denied). There already exists a Hobbit Hole in New Zealand. It’s not occupied by anyone but it is a real underground house that you can tour. In this course we stretch our minds a little and try to have some fun looking at the potential of these places to earn a LEED rating.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine if LEED credits are appropriate for the sample projects
  • Contrast the building strategies of different project typologies
  • Apply the LEED for New Construction rating system to determine a preliminary rating
  • Practice outside the box thinking on projects