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Closing the Gap: Designing for LEED Operations and Maintenance

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In this course we explore how to close the gaps between sustainable design and sustainable building operations, with user focus strategies promoting ongoing occupant wellbeing. This course highlights select synergistic credits in each category as well as identifies major gaps between decisions made during design and credits in the LEED O+M scorecard. By closing these gaps, environmentally focused designers can champion truly holistic services. Finally, this course will explore hard metrics which are intended to help designers prioritize quantitative sustainable performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify gaps between the priorities of Architects and Building Operators for the design, construction, and then maintenance of high performance buildings
  • Relate the metrics of the LEED O+M rating system to new construction design decisions when prioritizing budget items.
  • A focus on LEED BD+C prerequisites/credits EAp2/c1 energy performance and how that will correlate to LEED O+M prerequisites/credits EAp2/c1 Energy Star
  • Several LEED points available for SSc4.1-4.4 Transportation (setting up infrastructure for alternative transportation) that turns into multiple LEED O+M points for SSc4
  • Compare long-term social value of material investment for occupant well-being, including Innovation and Stakeholder Involvement for both BD+C and O+M rating systems
  • Differentiate customer service through implementing user-focused design features that support ongoing sustainable operations

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