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Building Automation Systems

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A Building Automation System (BAS) is a system that optimizes the start-up and performance of HVAC equipment, lighting, alarm systems, and other energy consuming building systems. A BAS greatly increases the interaction between the mechanical subsystems of a building, improves occupant comfort, lowers energy use, and allows off-site building control. Smart building technology can potentially reduce U.S. carbon emissions by 130 to 190 million tons of CO2, which would translate to energy cost savings of between $20 to 25 billion. Consequently, it behooves designers, facility managers and building owners to take a good look at how such energy management systems can optimize their building operations and save valuable operational dollars.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the main components of the building automation system's infrastructure and the types of efficiencies, optimization and trouble-shooting features they enable
  • Describe some of the latest BAS features such as wireless systems and energy dashboards
  • Review BAS and demand response programs in action on a number of campuses and retail chains
  • Navigate common pitfalls preventing the most efficient implementation and fullest utilization of BAS in buildings

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