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The popular German green building program for homes, Passive House, is now being applied to commercial buildings. Learn the latest with Passive House and how it’s principles can be applied to make higher-performing commercial buildings.

In this focused learning, Laura Nettleton of Thoughtful Balance, walks through how to apply a program like Passive House to not only new construction projects, but also major renovations/rehabs of existing buildings. Laura and her team have successfully implemented these Passive House best practices on 10 projects in the Pittsburgh area recently. The trainer does an excellent job of also tying in the best practices from Passive House to where those fit into LEED. Interestingly, while the focus may seem to be all things energy savings on a project like those showcased, the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is greatly improved. Laura also discusses cost impacts and which project team members need to be involved and at what stages. We hope that you will look more into Passive House and bring its best practices into your next green building project.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how applying Passive House energy best practices can really improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Understand where there can be some cost increases on a Passive House project, but also how to calculate the ROI, even after applying Passive House to retrofits
  • Explore the crosswalk between LEED and Passive House, especially in the EA and IEQ categories
  • Discover which team members need to be part of the planning of a Passive House project

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