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Human Centric Lighting


If you are a green building professional still confused by circadian lighting design, this course is for you. Another name for circadian lighting design is human centric lighting. Featured expert, Octavio L. Pérez, Ph.D (Multidisciplinary Science), WELL AP is an expert in circadian lighting design and he will break down the science to help you understand why the WELL building standard forces project teams to design for optimized circadian rhythms. Dr. Pérez conducts research for the Department of Population Health Science and Policy at Mount Sinai Hospital NYC, NY, USA. He is a master speaker at international lighting conferences, and a strong advocate for WELL buildings. Beyond the science, logic, and design components, Dr. Pérez will also highlight the ethical questions in the application of integrative lighting for human centric lighting.

Learning Objectives

  • Define Human Centric Lighting / Integrative Lighting (CIE)
  • Exposome, Light(ing) as an Environmental Health Factor
  • WELL Building Standard "Circadian Lighting Design"
  • Technologies and Design Strategies
  • Ethical Issues

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