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Green Vehicles: How to Implement Them for LEED Projects

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Green vehicles are becoming more and more popular as increased awareness of their benefits lead to an increase in demand. The public needs a better understanding of what green vehicles are, why they exist, and how they can help the environment if this trend is going to continue.

LEED rating system encourages building projects to create preferred parking spaces for green vehicles in an effort to increase green vehicle use, fight climate change and create more responsible buildings for our planet. To achieve this goal, LEED developed LEED green vehicles credit rewarding projects meeting with the requirements mentioned in the credit language.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain what is a green vehicle in general, and how does LEED rating system defines green vehicles?
  • Learn are the benefits of green vehicles?
  • Understand is EVSE, and what charging capabilities does it offer?
  • Learn how projects can earn the Green Vehicle Credit point in LEED V4 BD+C: Location and Transportation
  • Learn how LEED V4 BD+C Projects document compliance with the requirements.

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