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Fitness Opportunities

Fitness Opportunities Preview


Lace up your running shoes, this course will inspire you to get active! It covers 4 features in the Fitness category. First, our hosts get hands on in demonstrating safe fitness techniques with a personal trainer. Check your own form against the expert’s advice. Then, you will hear a humorous conversation with a building owner who makes the case for on-site gyms as a triple bottom line solution. Finally, we round out the course with practical advice on how to incorporate fitness incentives like mass transit passes, bike shares, and yoga classes into your workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the value of complimentary gym access from a building owner’s perspective. (Feature 68 Physical Activity Space, WELL Building Standard v1)
  • Illustrate safe use of cardiorespiratory and muscle-strengthening exercise equipment. (Feature 70 Fitness Equipment, WELL Building Standard v1)
  • Organize goals and strategies to host on-site fitness classes. (Feature 66, Structured Fitness Opportunities, WELL Building Standard v1)
  • Compare incentives provided by the employer that encourage physical activity outside the office. (Feature 65, Activity Incentive Programs, WELL Building Standard v1)

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