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Environmentally Responsible Refrigerant Selection

Expert Content


Most conventional refrigerants used in HVAC systems have adverse effects on the environment. Projects should carefully choose and manage refrigerants running in their equipment. Only by doing so, a minimum impact on the environment is achievable. Environment, economical, health and safety factors should be taken into consideration during the planning and selection of the refrigerants.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about what Refrigerants are, the different types and their environmental effects.
  • Learn about the requirements for Refrigerants in the LEED V4.1 BD+C EA Credit: Fundamental Refrigerant Management.
  • Also see the requirements for Existing Building demonstrated in the LEED V4.1 O+M rating system, EA Credit: Fundamental Refrigerant Management.
  • Learn about the Montreal Protocol and what's needed to be compliant in for LEED V4.1 in BD+C and O+M.

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