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BMS (Building Management System) & Its Use in Building Application

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A Building Management System is a software system that monitors the building’s state and can make adjustments to it. The BMS can detect when something needs fixing, such as an old light bulb or if there has been smoke detected in one area of the hallways. It also makes sure buildings stay up-to-date on green features like solar panels for energy use reduction and natural lighting solutions so they are more environmentally friendly than before

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what a BMS (Building Management System) is and how it pertains to many of the LEED V4 Rating Systems.
  • Learn how a BMS can assist in achieving many of the LEED Rating System credits. Such as: Outdoor Water Use Reduction, Enhanced Commissioning, and Energy Efficiency.
  • Learn about the different information and systems that are monitored monitored and managed by BMS.
  • Learn how a BMS system can help a building project in achieving LEED certification.

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