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Arc and the LEED Performance Path

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LEED Performance Path certification options

We’ll review the inner workings of the LEED Dynamic Plaque, relaunched on the arc platform as the LEED Performance Path certification option.

GBES is joined by LEED Proven Provider, Sustainable Investment Group, to present on this new certification path. From the required data inputs to the LEED performance score to the annual submission process, we’ll skip the sales pitch and get straight to how it works.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what project types can pursue a LEED O+M certification using the LEED Pilot Credit Performance Score to Certification
  • List the key data categories used to calculate a score in the LEED Pilot Credit Performance Score to Certification
  • Navigate arcskoru.com, the website used to document a LEED performance score
  • Identify annual activities required to achieve LEED O+M certification via the Pilot Credit Performance Score to Certification
  • Calculate a LEED O+M performance score

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