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Continuing Education

Achieving Sustainability in Warehouses, Distribution Centers & Data Centers

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The explosive growth of e-commerce and our technology-driven world necessitates the building of more warehouses/distribution centers and data centers. These specialty building types present unique sustainability and wellness challenges in their design and operations. The LEED and WELL programs provide the guidance needed to facilitate design and construction strategies which then maximize the potential of the building.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the demand for and the subsequent increase in development of warehouses, distribution centers and data centers throughout the United States.
  • Identify the specific design and operational challenges for these specific building types and related stressors on the environment that are addressed in green building rating systems.
  • Become familiar with how those challenges are being addressed to achieve sustainability utilizing the available sustainability rating systems such as LEED V4 BD+C and WELL.
  • Unpack the LEED rating systems that are available as a guide to the incorporation of sustainable methods into these building types.
  • Be inspired by examples of LEED and WELL Certified high-performance warehouses, distribution centers and data centers.

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