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A Detailed Look into WELL Nourishment Features

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We are what we eat, and the quality and length of our lives are primarily determined by our eating habits. Most people seem to be unconcerned about this fact. They believe they can get by on highly processed food because it is more convenient, tasty, and has had no negative effects on their health thus far.

However, the adverse health effects of consuming unhealthy food may be irreversible if it is made to a lifelong habit.

The WELL Nourishment feature guides building projects to promote healthy nutrition for the occupants. It establishes nutritional targets for projects to meet so that eating healthy does not become a daunting task but rather a logical choice because it is readily available to the occupants.

Learning Objectives

  • How can WELL projects encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables while discouraging the consumption of processed foods?
  • What is nutritional transparency, and what strategies can projects use to be more transparent with the food items they serve?
  • What are refined ingredients, and how does WELL v2.0 limit the consumption of food items with refined ingredients?
  • What role does food advertising play in influencing food consumption decisions? How can projects use advertising to promote healthy food options while warning about the negative health effects of unhealthy food choices?
  • What are artificial ingredients and why they are used in the food industry? How does WELL v2.0 limit the consumption of food items with artificial ingredients?
  • Why is nutrition education important, and what kinds of educational programs can projects provide to the public to raise eating awareness?

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