Green Factory small image.When you think about environment-friendly buildings don’t think small – there is no limit to building green. Structures ranging from skyscrapers to Super Bowl stadiums are taking steps to become LEED certified, so why shouldn’t a factory do the same? It makes sense that manufacturers consume energy and water at a much higher rate than your typical city building (30% of the nation’s energy to be exact) given the nature of the business.

By investing in green building, you are making an impact on your environment and everyone who has anything to do with the building. Efficient buildings and operations can save millions of dollars, and provide benefits for everyone.

Invest in the Environment. Not only will becoming LEED certified save money, it will dramatically reduce the already large footprint created by large-scale factories. Whether it is by creating safe jobs, investing in the local economy, or creating more green buildings, it is easier with LEED.

Invest in the workforce. New LEED credits have helped shape the focus of social equity to enhance the lives of people connected to these buildings. Those who benefit include construction workers, engineers, designers and members of surrounding communities. Improving the work space and lives of workers is important, too. When the environmental quality indoors is improved you can count on less sick leave while lowering stress levels.

LEED can improve manufacturing buildings, warehouse and distribution centers and industrial campuses. LEED certifications will help streamline processes, create more predictability at all levels and save money, just to name a few benefits. And you don’t have to knock it all down and start over – existing factories can certify, as well. It’s never too late to go green.

Are you interested in joining the green building movement? The first step is to earn a LEED Green Associate credential. Start today!