Is WELL AP right for you?

Want to earn the respect and admiration of your peers, clients and boss? Design and construction industry professionals can achieve a level of human health expertise and proficiency beyond that of an environmental sustainability consultant by distinguishing themselves as a WELL AP.

What is the WELL Building Standard?

The newest building certification, the WELL building standard, is causing quite the roar in conversation among the green building industry. WELL presents an opportunity to celebrate the people aspect of the triple bottom line by bringing health to the forefront of sustainability.

The WELL Building Standard measures attributes of buildings that impact occupant health in seven concept categories: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. WELL is based on required preconditions and voluntary optimizations that can earn a project one of three certification levels: Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Seven WELL Building Concepts

The first concept, air, aims to measure containments far beyond the CO2 that we all love to hate. A WELL AP must become familiar not only with the air inside their building, but also the environmental factors up to one mile outside their building. If you want to make more informed decisions as a mechanical engineer, WELL AP is right for you.

The most unusual concept, nourishment, raises issue with sugar sweetened beverages and availability of non-fried vegetable options in cafeterias. If you manage visual displays or make purchasing decisions for a café, WELL AP is right for you.

Lighting designers step right up, WELL AP is definitely for you. Never has a building rating system given so much attention to how the eye works and how to design lighting beyond adding task lights to workstations. Ever wonder how to increase brightness without increasing energy? A WELL AP knows the ratios of light reflectance value for surfaces to work double duty spreading light.

For anyone who loves the beauty petal of the Living Building Challenge, WELL AP is right for you because it promotes adding art, gardens, and biophilia into WELL projects.

Finally, for program manager who create employee policies, like maternity leave, late night communication, and health savings plans, the WELL standard helps guide you to the most holistic strategies that increase employee productivity and mental health.

How do you earn your WELL AP?

Begin your studies by thoroughly reading the WELL building certification guide and the WELL AP candidate handbook. From there, checkout our WELL practice exams and flash cards developed and vetted by in-house WELL APs!