Man giving green buildings presentation to class.

The future is full of opportunities for those in the green building industry!

GBES, an Education Partner with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), spent the week soaking up knowledge at the Education Partner Summit sponsored by USGBC, a private membership-based nonprofit organization that promotes sustainability in building design, construction and operation.

We’re inspired. Here’s what’s coming next:

  1. LEED is truly global. LEED is found in more than 100 countries and 10 languages. Watch for GBCI offices and future Greenbuild Conferences coming to cities around the world.
  2. The LEED credentials – LEED Green Associate and LEED AP – are important for high school and college students (pre-professionals) to prepare for the job market.
  3. GBCI is continuing to add rating systems to its network. Coming soon may be partnerships with certifications for materials, water, waste, and others.
  4. Green building continues to trend towards ongoing performance data. The Dynamic Plaque software platform will be a key tool that measures a live ‘carbon number.’
  5. “Partnership is the new leadership.” Great quote from Mahesh Ramanujam, incoming CEO of USGBC. We agree: Let’s look for ways to collaborate and share best practices to support USGBC’s mission of market transformation.

At GBES, we are committed to creating sophisticated and powerful LEED exam preparation tools and cutting-edge LEED continuing education. If you want to boost your career potential and be a part of the growing green building revolution, we can help.