Tampa takes the wellness of its residents and visitors seriously. The Florida city has become the world’s first to apply the WELL Building Standard to an entire 40-acre urban mixed-use district. The WELL Building Standard measures a building?s performance on seven impact categories – air, water, mind, comfort, nourishment, fitness and light – and monitors the impact on residents? health and well-being. This year the Tampa development will begin the first of three phases to construct residential units, a luxury hotel, office tower, retail space, restaurants and entertainment venues.

City leaders want to focus on human health and wellness in a connected waterfront community that is walkable and sustainable. There will be bike lanes, sidewalks, public green space, dog parks, water features and access to healthful foods. The infrastructure and the buildings will be green and all buildings within the district will pursue WELL Certification and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

“Tampa is proud to be the first city in the world to be home to a WELL Certified District,” said Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhhorn. “Our city will demonstrate that city design, not just building design, can be healthy and sustainable, and it will position our community as forward thinking.”

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