A cool “toy,” the electric car, has turned into something more affordable and much more eco-friendly. So why stop at a car? With the growing popularity of the electric car, is it time to try an electric motorcycle? The folks at Harley Davidson thought so, but they knew it wouldn’t be an instant classic like so many other Harley’s. Nonetheless, they created the bike and decided to take it on the road this year to collect customer feedback and promote their newest product.

Image of motorcycle; LEED exam prep; LEED CE; WELL exam prep; well study tools; WELL AP; LEED study toolsWith most of the electric motorcycle sales happening in China, Harley decided on a U.S. tour, which started in June, and continues into Canada and Europe in 2015. During its 30-city tour Harley will show off its bike that “offers a visceral riding experience with tire-shredding acceleration and an unmistakable sound that’s a distinct part of the thrill.? The motorcycle accelerates from zero to 60 miles per hour in just four seconds and can reach speeds of 92 mph, with an all-electric range of 130 miles.

Harley is an innovative company on the cutting edge of this idea, but according to the company, it is less interested in short-term sales than building long-term demand.

As we become more aware of the harm so many things cause to the environment, we make changes to preserve it. Not to mention there is a federal tax credit for people that buy electric motorcycles. Electric motorcycles are just the next cool ?toy? that will help change the world.