Have you heard the term ‘Wellness Real Estate’?

If you haven’t heard the term wellness real estate, you will. The WELL Building Standard is growing rapidly!

For some, the next step in a sustainability career will be taking the WELL AP Exam. Why? For the last several years, creating a stand-out career in sustainability began with earning a LEED accreditation. The industry-wide commitment to obtaining a LEED credential is not slowing down anytime soon. Recent reports from the U.S. Green Building Council estimate that there are nearly two-hundred thousand LEED credential holders and counting. A LEED Green Associate is required for many jobs in building design construction, and operations. To stand out these days, you need something more unique.

A new credential is becoming very popular, and for the moment it is fairly rare. Add the WELL AP exam to your career plans this year and be sure to stand out in the sustainability industry.

The WELL Building Standard®

Although sustainability is most often associated with environmental protection and conservation, it also has social and economic impacts. In addition to achieving sustainability and energy efficiency in the built environment, protecting the health and wellness of building occupants has become an important goal for many organizations. Sustainability practitioners are welcoming new achievements with the announcement of a new green certification known as WELL.

The WELL Building Standard incorporates aspects of LEED within the built environment, but aims to drastically improve the health and wellness of building occupants.  WELL continues to gain momentum in the green building industry with nearly 600 WELL AP professionals and numerous global projects.

So why take the WELL AP Exam?

WELL was developed to meet the challenges of sustainability in the built environment by echoing many of the solutions provided by LEED, but also seeks to address many problems faced in the health-care industry (declining health and fitness). For many, WELL is personal. More and more, we are seeking out opportunities in our personal lives to improve our health–by incorporating fitness regimes to avoiding processed foods and drinks. WELL would bring these strides to fruition in the workplace while promoting this transition to a healthier lifestyle.

To become a WELL AP, professionals and students must pass the WELL AP exam which was developed according to GBCI’s standards. Those preparing should become well acquainted with the September 2015 release of both the WELL Building Standard v1 and the WELL Certification Guidebook.

In additional to those exam prep materials, GBES was the first to launch comprehensive WELL AP practice exams that simulate the real exam and provide real-time feedback. We also offer WELL AP flash cards for those who enjoy on-the-go learning or wish to use flash cards to supplement their WELL AP practice tests.

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