Earth Day is coming up April 22.  Whether you’re a business owner, building manager, teacher, or a concerned citizen, here are 16 terrific ideas to get your community together to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day started in 1970 as a way for millions of Americans to share their concerns about our society’s impact on the environment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Act were created based on the actions of these concerned citizens.  Earth Day has since grown to become the largest civic observance in the world, with over one billion people participating.

Join the movement and celebrate Earth Day this year with these activities that will get you thinking about a healthier environment and a more sustainable lifestyle.


Many of our best sustainable practices stay at home. At work it can feel like someone else’s problem.  Make a commitment this year to promote energy efficiency, recycling, and reusable materials.

  1. Invite vendors to set up information booths in the building lobby. Janitorial companies, landscaping services, pest control, and others could discuss the building?s sustainable practices and answer tenant questions.
  1. Invite an expert, like a LEED Accredited Professional or sustainability consultant, into your office to show you and other building occupants ways to reduce your carbon footprint and incorporate more sustainable and energy-saving strategies at work.
  1. Plant native trees at your office building. A plaque or other sign near the tree is a great way to commemorate the building?s annual commitment to Earth Day.
  1. Lead a recycling drive.  Make it a contest between employees or between different office suites, and see who can collect the most recyclables.
  1. Lead a donation drive to gather gently-used clothing and appliances for a local charity. The manufacture of new products is a costly drain on our planet’s resources. The donated items can also greatly help a needy individual or family.
  1. Promote alternative transportation by raffling off bus or train passes for the month.
  1. Kick off a ?Green Team? meeting for your building or your office. As a group, this committee can champion recycling as well as water and energy saving initiatives throughout the year.
  1. Update break-room sink aerators with 1.0 or 1.5 GPM low-flow types.
  1. Partner with the building cafeteria and retail shops to discontinue the use of Styrofoam containers and cups on the property.

Lifelong habits start at home. Engage the kids in Earth Day activities and lead by example in saving our natural resources. BONUS: Saving energy and water will also save you money!

  1. Pick up trash at a local park or along your street while taking a walk outside to reconnect with nature.
  1. Unplug unused electronics during the work day. TVs, DVRs, and computers use energy even in standby mode.
  1. Set-up a screening of an inspiring environmentally-themed movie.
  1. Print off Earth Day activity worksheets for kids.
  1. Make 3D art out of recyclables. Reuse and beautify!
  1. Try a carpool – to work, school, or the grocery store.
  1. Try out composting. Organic kitchen waste can be gathered in specialized countertop containers. And don’t forget the yard. Garden and landscape waste can also be gathered in large stationary or tumbler-style outdoor bins.