For busy professionals, the biggest challenge to study for LEED or WELL exams can be creating a space for focused concentration. I want to help you study smarter with two recommends of music to improve memory.

We all know that juggling the demands of work-life balance and self care in our 24/7 society leaves little space for educational opportunities. When we find that spare time, we want to make sure it is used efficiently. Moreover, we want to feel prepared to confidently pass our professional accreditation exams on the first attempt.

Study like a Pro

What if I told you there is an app for that? Study is a free tool that sets the mood for improved cognition and reduced fatigue. The study app is produced by The Sound Agency Ltd., and available as a free download to your smart phone. 

The Study app only streams a 45 minute track of non-repeating bird song layered over ambient tones that was specifically designed to soothe your nervous system. The two different sounds work together to stimulate a connection to nature and mask out background sounds like conversation. The track duration is intentionally short to remind you to take a break from the screen, stand, stretch, and maybe even step outside for a dose of vitamin D.

Entrain your neurons

If bird song feels too mystical, here is a scientifically vetted playlist of songs that measurably reduce anxiety. Mindlab International, a market research firm, conducted a study that identified one song in particular that slows your heartbeat in unison with a gradual drop from 60 bpm to 50 bpm.

It only takes five minutes for music to entrain your brain to produce feelings of calmness. What have you got to lose?

Some basic tips for using sound therapy while studying:

  • Wear headphones when listening to music to improve memory
  • Set volume to moderate, just about background noise
  • Don’t listen to these tracks while driving, it could make you sleepy
  • Believe that it is creating your desired outcome; doubt destroys intention

Ready, Set, Study!

For more tips on how to pass your LEED Green Assoc. exam on the first try, watch this webinar, and download a free 30-day study plan.