How do you learn? Image of hands holding a light bulb.

Are you a visual learner–writing in a rainbow of colors? Maybe you read information aloud before an ‘ah ha!’ moment. Or perhaps you prefer a more-hands on approach known as kinesthetic learning.

Here at GBES, we know we must hear from all our students and that means catering to various learning styles. A learning style, of course, speaks to the way in which a student absorbs, processes and understands information. Generally, a student might be a visual learner whereby the student prefers to see images, graphs or video to assess and retain information. In this case, we offer on-demand webinars with engaging imagery, video, and other visuals. Our auditory leaners also benefit from our webinars that come complete with mp3 files for at home or on-the-go learning. Our comprehensive practice tests allow our kinesthetic learners to stay engaged with the material at hand. In case you’re still curious–head over to buzzfeed and find out more about how people learn.

To sum up, providing a stimulating and motivating educational experience is our main goal at GBES, no matter what your learning preferences!