Happy Birthday LEED image with image of a cupcake.

LEED, the most widely used green building rating system in the world, is turning 16 this month.
Is your company ready to capitalize on the billion dollar green building
industry with
LEED credentialed professionals?

Happy 16th birthday LEED! LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) began as an idea to establish building standards for sustainable design, construction and operations. It became a fully realized rating system on March 30, 2000, and is now comprised of more than 60,000 projects and 11 billion square feet spread across the globe. LEED certified buildings have a positive impact on the health of occupants, reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy.

LEED has grown tremendously over the past 16 years. Here are some amazing facts about LEED:

  • 1.85 million square feet of space are LEED certified everyday.
  • There are more than 150,000 LEED-certified residential units.
  • 43 percent of LEED for Homes units are in the affordable housing sector.
  • 88 of the Fortune 100 companies use LEED.
  • LEED-certified buildings have lower operating costs.
  • LEED-certified buildings attract tenants and typically demand 20 percent above average leasing rates.
  • LEED-certified buildings are good for employers – they have shown increased recruitment, retention rates and increased productivity for building occupants.

There are now over 200,000 individuals who have earned their LEED professional credential. The green building movement could not succeed without them. LEED credentialed professionals have a deep knowledge and understanding of construction, operations, and the LEED rating system, including the ability to facilitate the LEED certification process for buildings.

Billions of dollars are being spent around the world on new and existing sustainable construction. LEED professionals are an asset to companies who want to participate in the green building revolution. They understand the needed sustainable materials, products, operations and maintenance required.

Everyday people are living and working in LEED-certified buildings. LEED is making a real, valuable impact on the world and the way we live. When a building has been LEED certified it has met green building standards that result in a resource-efficient, high-performing, healthy and cost-effective property. We wish you many happy returns, LEED!