Designing a home with proper attic air-intake is one strategy to improve both home efficiency and indoor air quality. As many as 9o ut of 10 homes in North America have insufficient attic ventilation. Current soffit requirements and building codes do not prov ide a dequate attic ventilation; this course describes how this impacts the homeowner’s energy use and related utility expenses. P roper at tic ventilation also reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth. This course identifies air quality issues related to mol d and milde w within a home and discusses how environmental quality is addressed by green building initiatives. Architects, builde rs, remodelers , contractors and residential designers will find this information beneficial. This on-demand, online cours e is s elf-paced and features a pre-recorded narrative that serves as the instructor. This allows learners to read along with the nar rat or and listen to the information; similar to typical live instruction. After completing the course a 10-question quiz must be com pleted. At least 8 of 10 questions must be answered correctly to earn credit for the learning unit. Start-to-finish this course sh ou ld take approximately 50 – 55 minutes to complete. Learners may wish to spend additional time to review concepts prior to compl eting the quiz. A certificate of completion can be printed for self-reporting and record-keeping needs.

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