Architects, builders, contractors and homeowners today face a myriad of options for home heating systems. Traditional furnaces andb oilers, high efficiency models, heat pumps (both air-source andground-source), and even dual-fuel systems are all options. Sort ing o ut the best choice for a home, or location, requires taking a close look at system costs, efficiency levels, energy rates, c omfort l evels and the severity of the climate and any applicable incentives including tax credits. This learning unit is the resu lt of a research study performed to identify the best options for residential heating across all U.S. climate zones, based on the aforemen tioned variables. This on-demand, online course is self-paced and features a pre-recorded narrative that se rves as the instructor. This allows learners to read along with the narrator and listen to the information; similar to typical livei nstructio n. After completing the course a 10-question quiz must be completed. At least 8 of 10 questions must be answered correctly to earn credit for the learning unit. Start-to-finish this course should take between 75 and 85 minutes to complete. Learners may wi sh t o spend additional time to review concepts prior to completing the quiz. A certificate of completion can be printed for self-rep o rting and record-keeping needs.

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